Battle of Empires : 1914-1918 is project meant to tell the untold story of one of the bloodiest war in the history of mankind - First World War. Based on engine of well known strategy game Men of War this project will take you through the whole war in 5 large-scale single-player and coop campaigns - you will experience deadly landings in the batlle of Gallipoli, famous battle at Verdun, first tanks attack and many more important events of that war. Project will be both singlplayer, and multiplayer.5 single campaigns are planned : 1) French 2) German 3) Russian 4) British 5) Bonus - missions for different countries (as bonus campaign in Men of War) In multiplayer there will be 5 countries - France, Britain, Russia, Germany and Austro-Hungary.

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EITY10 May 17 2014, 12:38pm says:


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#k May 17 2014, 12:50pm replied:

Caps lock will not make him answer your question any faster.

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EITY10 May 17 2014, 12:52pm replied:

k den

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muratozcan94 May 17 2014, 1:04pm replied:

I think it will be a free game. They cannot sell something which was made from Men of War engine.

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EITY10 May 17 2014, 1:11pm replied:

They worked with best way

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muratozcan94 May 17 2014, 8:13pm replied:

Everybody works with best way,it is not about it. It is about copyrights.

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EriLyout May 18 2014, 4:04am replied:

What about them, eh?

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JG54_cule May 19 2014, 6:14am replied:

It will not be for free. They have permission from best WAY to release this,

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WellingtonsWellies Jun 12 2014, 3:01pm replied:

I am sorry, but paying for a mod turned full game is ludicrous.

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KingKetsa Jun 30 2014, 3:23am replied:

Team fortress was a mod and evolved and placed into orange box. DOOM, and unreal were all mods that you pay for. DAYZ is practically arma still yet you pay 30 bucks for it.

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WellingtonsWellies Jun 30 2014, 12:06pm replied:

Well, this would be verily fact if I actually liked these titles. But unfortunately for you I do not. I feel exactly the same way towards these titles as I do towards 'Battle of Empires'.
I do cachinnate at your feeble attempt to try and normalize this practice.
Just so I am clear upon the ear, or in this case eyes, I shall not and will not pay for a video game that is in fact a modification that has decided it is now a game. I feel that this page is mendaciloquent and wrong as it depicts the 'game' as a mod when in fact you will have to pay out your well earned affluence to own. This is ludicrous.
I have tried to look at this page on hebdomadal occasions, but still I see no proclamation which say this untruth will be removed forwith under the category 'mod'. All I ask to is that this page be moved to the 'Games' category, rather than it be a reminder to people of what could have been. I personally will not buy this out of principle, but for those looking for a genuine game should not be lied to aswell.

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OnerOnexO Jul 23 2014, 11:07am replied:

Well, the DayZ developer at least left us a mod, there is even an article on how DayZ would become much more better now that they have their own engine pretty much, and the DayZ mod is still amazingly fun.

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Skylar15 Jun 12 2014, 10:08pm replied:

They worked with Best Way and made it a full real game, which will cost money. But they deserve to be paid for their hard work!

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WellingtonsWellies Jun 30 2014, 12:12pm replied:

Charity workers deserve to be 'paid for their hard work' [sic], but it does not mean they are.
This was originally planned to be free, but this preconception has seemed to be to no avail. If they wanted to make a free mod then make a free mod, they should not have gone down the sell out route and turn their back on the loyal fan-base who have been waiting for years.
If they wanted to make a game then they should have cancelled this project, or released a not-complete mod as thanks to their fans, and moved on to create a game that was planned from the start to be a game, that would be acceptable. This is not acceptable.

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EriLyout Jul 2 2014, 8:42am replied:

They did not know and did not dream about cooperation with developers of vanilla MoW, and same as any other modmaker they did not even think about any money at all.
You are not going to buy this game 'out of principle', I do accept this.
Case closed, ad acta.

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WellingtonsWellies Jul 2 2014, 12:02pm replied:

I said I will not, and shall not buy this game becuase I refuse outwright to pay for a game that is in fact a mod.
All of this nonsense about 'did not dream about cooperation' is insignificant. If you acctually tried to read what I have said rather than try and argue with me then you may understand as to why the people whom supported this mod are now outraged that it has taken the sell-out route.
And if they did not think of any money at all, as you so boldly suggest, then why does this mod now have a price and gone under the fake guise of a game? Why have their fans been disregarded? And why, after this game was greenlit, has there been no updates to speak of since May?
I respect that you may have found somekind of ill thought allegence to this mod since you are the first to argue with all those who have any complains, but please do not pretend that you know what they want. I good sir, do not accept that.
Adversus solem ne loquitor.

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EriLyout Jul 2 2014, 1:31pm replied:

I will, and I don't find it a waste of time, sorry.
Please, read what I did write in my earlier posts.
Here's a little thing that will show you how BoE was created.
1.Idea of a free-mod, WWI-theme.
2.Reskin of vanilla textures.
3.Importing some equipment, weapons etc.
5.Idea of a free total modification for Men of War, with original models, missions, sounds.
6.Creation of free total modification.
7.Proposition from Best Way of making a full-game, which will cost money. (!!!)
8.All done, steam greenlight done. We are home.
You see, 99% of mods have just those 6 first steps, so ''And if they did not think of any money at all, as you so boldly suggest, then why does this mod now have a price and gone under the fake guise of a game?" is illogical, BECAUSE step 7 explains everything, why don't you just admit it?
Now, as for fans. If you say so many people are against paying for BoE, then why was it greenlit? Why so many people voted for so it could get 5th place in like 2 weeks. This just doesn't make sense, pal.
It seems that it's just you and a very small number of people that are against it.
Well, that's all for me.
I will buy it, you will not.
End of discussion?

P.S. Thank you for calling me a fool. Now I am more than 100% sure that I'm right.

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WellingtonsWellies Jul 2 2014, 2:22pm replied:

Well, you are a fool.
Telling me all these so-called 'steps' does not really change anything, and to answer your question "then why was it greenlit?" It is very simple. The people who use greenlight do not always know what they are voting for, if they knew it was a mod to begin with I am sure that they would have changed their opinion. The people who are against it are those that know the full background of the game and do not see why they should pay for a game that is in fact a mod (look at the home page, there are more people than just me voicing their discontent).
And step seven does not answer my question at all, it does tell me the reason, but it does not tell me why they decided to accept it and turn their back on their fans, rather than just stick with the original plan, or at least cancel this and create a new game that is supposed to be a game from the start.
Also, I must add that all of your attempts to defend and justify their actions seems to be in vain, because nothing has been said by the creators since it was greenlit, have they turned their backs again?. It was the 100th Anniversary of Franz Ferdinand's death last Monday, yet no word to be seen.
As I said before Adversus solem ne loquitor.

P.S Thank you for writing out a list of how B of E was created, not because it answered any of my questions or changed my opinion, merely because I do love it when people present things in a neat, concise list, even if it is a waste of time.

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EriLyout Jul 2 2014, 7:04pm replied:

The argument stating that 'people who use greenlight do not always know what they are voting for' is just simply absurd and I will not waste time to explain why, it explains itself and represents the lack of any other arguments.
I do not care about those people and how sad they are, still most of them will propably download BoE via torrent or something else, as all they want is to have fun in the editor or whatever.
Again, I assume you don't have much in common with modding, and modding community where 'haters gonna hate' is more common than constructive criticism (like yours, which helped me to see this problem in different perspective, thank you btw.).
It is your problem with creators turning back on their fans, and it reminds me a common situation on many mod pages with people going crazy when the mod was not updated for some time.
I am very sorry I am not the creator of the Battle of Empires, and I cannot be 100% sure of volchonok and his team actions, again I will say the same thing, that I've been following this since the very beginning and (sorry for haughtiness) I bet I know more about it than all of those people saying 'i will not pay for this, it sucks i have to pay for game, which is infact a mod, lolwut'.

PS. I never tried to be offensive towards you, but I am happy you wasted time on reading my list.


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Jack_263 May 17 2014, 12:43pm says:

glad all your hard work paid off for you in the end, congratulations man!

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#k May 18 2014, 3:07am says:

For those of you who can't be bothered to look into anything before you ask inane questions. Yes it will cost money to obtain. In fact each individual campaign will cost money. Best Way liked what these guys were doing and agreed to help them make it, therefore they are "allowed" to sell it.

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justinslater1916 Jul 17 2014, 10:27pm says:

It was not a mod to begin wit an actual game and it will be sold through steam in order to actually see it you have to buy greenlight for $100.00 through the steam store to see the games progress its not a mod and understand this this game will be as realistic as men of war they just posted it here so everyone can see

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