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Problem with time traveling without tommy in the Delorean (Mods : Back to the Future: Hill Valley : Forum : Bugs : Problem with time traveling without tommy in the Delorean) Locked
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Apr 23 2007, 12:39pm Anchor

I flew the Delorean up to a high building, turned on time circuits, then got out and pushed it off the building (with tommy, not with RC controls) and watched it time tavel as it got up to 88. As soon as it warped out, the camera zoomed all the way back to what I think was the Vercetti mansion and remained locked there even after the Delorean reappeared. Nothing I did was able to get the camera back to normal.

Apr 23 2007, 1:03pm Anchor

ok, i see the bug. I forgot to test this again AFTER i put in rc mode.

Apr 23 2007, 1:21pm Anchor

Bug fixed.

Apr 24 2007, 1:01am Anchor

I know this has been fixed but what worked for me was to put the Delorean into RC mode and the camera came right back to Tommy. Just do that until the .2c comes out with the fix.

Apr 24 2007, 5:52pm Anchor

Which buildings are best for pushing the DeLorean off of? I can't seem to get it to work, I've tried the tall green one on ocean beach and for some reason the time curcuits deactivate on the way down. I have gotten the same bug when jumping out of a hovering Delorean with activated time curcuits. Is there anyway to default the flying delorean cam to the *zoomed in* view from previous versions?

Apr 24 2007, 7:53pm Anchor

shoot + camera. Forgot about that.

Jun 25 2007, 3:51am Anchor

This is kind of along the lines of traveling without tommy, I found that if on re-entry you repeatedly try to exit the delorean (before it reappears) it plumits into the asphalt disapearing and freezing the game. I've tried this several times, same outcome each time. Not a big deal but thought I would make it relevant, just incase there might be a fix.

Jun 25 2007, 5:29am Anchor


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Jun 25 2007, 1:05pm Anchor

cool, I'm impressed cause it's just such a stupid odd bug I din't think any other idiot than me would be tapping the exit button while the car re-enters, lol hahaha (In the words of peter griffin) sorry, I'm retarted

Jun 25 2007, 4:37pm Anchor

Reminds me of Peter's time travel experiment where he runs into a wall and ejects from his delorean.

Jun 25 2007, 4:59pm Anchor

Alright past here I come!!!, everybody in 1955 was on fire, I never knew that. lol

Jul 28 2007, 6:31pm Anchor

When I was playing around with the RC mode of the DeLorean. I push the look Left or Right button + the Fire Button and it blow up. But I am not sure it is a bug or not.

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Jul 28 2007, 9:23pm Anchor

not a bug. GTA feature that can't be rid off. Any vehicle made into rc will blow up if you hit fire. Remnants of the rc missions in GTA3.

Jul 29 2007, 2:30am Anchor

Good feature if the DeLorean falls into wrong hands :)

Aug 27 2007, 4:56pm This post has been deleted.
Aug 27 2007, 6:09pm Anchor

Sorry, "Proton"boy hasn't been helping making things easier.

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