This mod changes many aspects of the game to give it more movie-like feel, and make the gameplay more intense. Weapons were significantly changed, player classes changed and redefined. New player classes are present, and new music, skins, sounds and characteres are introduced. Most of the sounds come from the movies and AvP Gold, but there are also a few sounds from Soldier of Fortune. For an extensive info see the mod's homepage.

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AvP2:SOTF server

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There is a T1 server available on weekends and evenings GMT for AvP2: Survival of the Fittest mod. See the mod's homepage for details:


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Patch for AvP2: Survival of the Fittest mod has just been released. It updates version 2.0 to version 2.1 Main changes: 1) new predator class added, with...

New version of AvP2:SOTF

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New and enhanced version of AvP2: Survival of the Fittest - AvP2:SOTF2 - is now out. Changes include Remote bombs replaced with shurikens Many changes...

New version of AvP2: SOTF

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New, enhanced version of AvP2: SOTF is coming. I tweaked some settings, renamed some classes, added more taunts and heavily modified Predator's remote...

homepage update

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There was a small site update for this mod. Also a guestbook is now available.

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