Increased availability for EVERY UNIT, yes; EVERY SINGLE ONE. Wars are fought with Armies, not a conglomeration of what was left over in the bottom of the barrel. -Increased realism for all weapon ranges. Whether it be the fully realistic tank gun ranges that I have added, right down the year. Tank ranges are affected by what shells were available at that specific point in time. For example; an M60a1 has much less range than an M60A3. Both possess the same gun, however the shells available during the 1960s were not as advanced as those available later on. -Increased AA ranges and damage system. -Realistic ATGM ranges, along with added speed. -Realistic IFV Auto-cannon ranges coupled with a boost in machine gun range. -Planes fly MUCH higher now, and dogfights are a wondrous sight. -Helicopters fly higher also, this makes them much more realistic (Who the hell flies through trees??) -Artillery has been made deadlier -Balance through realism, welcome to All Out War!

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