This AOE mod is developed by Ivindor and Huanglukuzhu. The mod aims at making varied looking generic units for different civs in AOE, thus enhancing the game quality and making it more historical accurate. For the first time you will get a chance to control Chinese lancers when you choose Chinese,to control Sipahi when you choose Turks,and to control Arab cavalry when you choose Saracens.In this mod, different civs will have different cavalry and infantry in their own unique looks. 【Notice】:Since this mod only makes the generic units' look diverse and the data almost keeps unchanged, please don't use my original new cavalry graphics in other mod cause I've made great efforts to make every of them.

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In this AOE mod, for the first time, different civs will have different cavalry and infantry in their own unique cultural looks, not like in the original AOE every civ uses the same knight.

Posted by Ivindor on Apr 12th, 2014

I'm a Chinese modder. We all know that in original AOE, every civilization shares the same generic units which are all in European look. However this is a big problem coz when you choose Chinese, Japanese, Turks or Saracens, it looks really weird when you still control European knights. And it's easy to get bored of every civs having the same looking knights battling on the screen. Civilization diversity is what we need to make the perfect AOE.

Therefore, I came up with the idea of this Age of World Empires MOD. In this mod, you'll have the chance to control Chinese cavalry when you choose Chinese, to control Sipahi when you choose Turks, and to control Yari Ashigarus when you choose Japanese. Although the graphic modification is way too hard and it has already taken me a year, I think it's worth it. In this mod, you will feel a whole new gaming experience when faced with the the real collision between different civilizations. Different civs will have different cavalry and infantry in their own unique cultural looks, not like in the original AOE every civ uses the same knight.

Here goes the screenshots

Chinese vs MongolsChinese vs Mongols
New units in this screenshot:
Chinese(blue):Lancer(replace Knight)
Mongols(orange):Heavy Keshik(replace Cavalier), Mongol Light Lancer(replace Hussar)

Saracens(horse color changed from brown to white)
Saracens vs Crusaders
New unit in this screenshot:
Saracens: Arab Cavalry(replaces Knight)
Now you can see a real collision betwwen the West and the East, not like in the original AOC everyone uses the same European knights

Imjin War
Imjin War 1592
New units in this screenshot:
Chinese(red): Lancer(replace Knight), Heavy Lancer(replace Cavalier), Elite Changdao Swordsman(replace Champion)
Japanese(blue): Yari Ashigaru Garrison(replace Halberdier), Matchlock Ashigaru(replace Hand Cannoneer), Nodachi Samurai(replace Champion)
Koreans(yellow): Eastern Halberdier(replace Halberdier)

Spanish Port
Spanish Port
New European Halberdier
New Mediterranean Feudal Age architecture for Spanish, Byzantines and Italians

In this mod, I only modify the look of the generic units, stats remains as before. For example, a Turky Sipahi's data is all the same with the European knight's , they only have different looks.

Aztecs, Mayans and Huns are removed coz making unique look units for the three will only make the work already on a large quantity even larger. So there are 18 civilizations in AOWE: Britons, Celts, Franks, Chinese, Japanese, Mongols, Koreans, Teutons, Vikings, Goths, Saracens, Turks, Persians, Byzantines, Slavs, Magyars, Spanish and Italians.

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xXBerethorXx Apr 12 2014 says:

Very impressive. I agree it did look strange seeing a european man at arms in asia xD Cant wait for the extra flavour!

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M1GHTY.M4VS Apr 12 2014 says:

Hope you will get the barbaric civils like the Wikings, Celts, Huns, Germans (Goths) a replacement for their horses, In Europe they share the largest Horses the Shire Horses which get up to 25% bigger then the southern horses and were pretty intimitading at the time.
They are quite similar to the new cataphract look but on a bigger horse with less goldish armor and different weapon sets.
Page contains a few more eastern european units like the "balder" horsery archers from the Kiev Rus, those were swedish vikings the entered Russia in 900+ so this may give them a different look for the mounted archers.

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jaxa Apr 12 2014 says:

Should make this mod for "The Forgotten" update.

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Tyraels Jul 11 2014 replied:

it will already be..look at the faction list.

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dArCReAvEr Apr 23 2014 says:

Nice idea to make different models/skins for each civ. I hope you'll release it soon :) good luck!

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Guest Jul 13 2014 says:

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Tyraels Aug 7 2014 says:

Any news ,4 month later :) ?

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Ivindor Author
Ivindor Aug 7 2014 replied:

I'm afraid this mod is temporarily stopped, cause I don't have much spare time now. You know, way before I posted this thread I've already made this mod for two years, and two thirds of the graphics are finished.

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SomeDouchbag Aug 8 2014 replied:

Aww :o,so you are gonna leave it here for a bit.

PS if you are gonna plan to leave this mod at some time(hopefully not)it would be cool if you upload your current work for use since its better than nothing :P

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mouracosta Apr 19 2015 says:

Como baixa esse mod? eu gostei! =D

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