Absence is a Wolfenstein 3D TC with a new and dark storyline that includes a lot of new features that you've never seen before in a Wolfenstein 3D TC, like an experience system to upgrade yourself! Absence plays in a US underground lab called "Sigma Complex". This lab complex is primarily specializing in genetic and robotic experiments. Something terrible happened a year after the start of the project and the government decided to send you, an elite soldier, into the complex, with the mission to find the last known documents about Professor Tom Baker's experiments and to destroy the complex, with the second objective to eliminate all failed lab experiments, and to see if anyone, or anything, has survived... Features One big episode (18 maps) Some puzzle elements Four new deadly weapons An experience system A lot of new and scary enemies A new and dark storyline that's told with diaries And much, much more, that you've never seen before!

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Absence v1.3 (SDL Version)

Absence v1.3 (SDL Version)

4 years ago Full Version 2 comments

This is the full version of Absence. I hope you enjoy it! This version is a native Win32 port and so doesn't need any emulators. It's also Windows Vista...

Absence v1.2 (DOS Version)

Absence v1.2 (DOS Version)

6 years ago Full Version 0 comments

This is the full version of Absence. I hope you enjoy it! Version 1.2 includes the following fixes: - Fixed some exploits - Fixed a bug on map 17

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