Hey guys this is my first amnesia map and I decided to let you guys try it out! So basically the map is for relaxing. You might think "HOW THE F*CK CAN YOU RELAX ON THIS GAME!?!?!" Well there's a way. I did not spawn any monsters and I put down lots of lights, a bed, a work station, and some dressers. Its kind of like to role play by yourself. Hope you guys enjoy!

Just getting the word out that AHouse2 is out and I would like everyone to not miss out!

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Hey guys Marcus here to tell you after a long time of fixing walls and adding doors AHouse2 is out! A little fact is that I started from scratch. AHouse1 honestly wasn't good at all. But I have got better at map making and made AHouse2 HUGE! I made sure everything was polished off before I released it fixed any bugs within the map. The map had me up at night at times making sure that the map was perfect, I had my beta tester Storm test with me for over 4 hours at times!

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