My top 10 favorite games are: 1 Ape escape 2 ps2 2 Earthbound SNES 3 Street fighter 2 SNES 4 Ape escape on the loose psp 5 Crash bandicoot warped psx 6 Crash team racing psx 7 Spyro year of the dragon psx 8 Ape escape 3 ps2 9 Super street fighter 4 arcade edition 2012 ps3 10 Super metroid All of these games are great and you should play them all. Especially Ape escape 2.

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Click here if you think I deserve an internet. why not? Now im adding more characters to this because i need a minimum of 300 characters.


I am Blue/Green
I am Blue/Green

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Started on some LUA recently. Alot easier than GML and works on psp. I am working on a harry potter top-down shooter. it will be all 7 books with your character being a fourth made up character who follows them around. The graphics are much better than last time i tried making them. They still are low quality but have a good framerate. Of course though, to play you must have LUAplayer installed on your PSP.

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I am making an FPS on Game maker 7. i need peoples t do stuff with:

programming ***
suggestion for a modeling program

*** programers need to be using GM 7

Yeah the story is about a guy who gets his cat kidnapped and has to fight through cities to rescue it.
will be on MAC and PC.

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