I'm a game and mod enthusiast, I enjoy science fiction greatly, but any deep, immersive universe with an immense back story is my cup of tea. Example: ME Universe, Halo, Dragon Age

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You know, in all my time here, I have yet to post a single blog post. To talk about myself. Why am I here? What got me interested in modding? Given my small footprint here on ModDB and how inconsistently I am online, I doubt anyone here knows.

I started basic experimentation with modding with Star Trek Bridge Commander. It is a fun game. One that I grew up with, and for a long time, it was the only game I modded. As I got older, I started modding other games. Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, Sins of a Solar Empire, Freespace 2, and following mods here on ModDB. The first Mods I followed on ModDB were Sins of the Prophets for Sins of a Solar Empire, and Halo Homefront for Homeworld 2. I began seeking out games for their modding potential such as the X series of games by Egosoft. And now, here I am drooling over the renders of ships, models of ships, textured models of ships, in game footage and trying to contribute ideas.

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