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Company Design Logos: Which one, you choose...

zerocreatorz Blog 4 comments

As a little side project ive designed a couple of simple yet effective logos and I need your help guys, I want you all to vote for your favourite one and also tell me why you like it, as an added bonus you can also tell me which one you dont like the most and also why. Cheers in advance to everyone and yes your opinions do count...








Well so far everyones liking the first picture but theres until next week or it gets at least 10 votes.


zerocreatorz Blog

Since ive finally bought a high end pc I decided to go and get a few games that ive not been allowed to play, so on Saturday I went an bought a few one of them being Borderlands...
Im loving the whole shooting and looting style of gameplay with its funky almost XIII style graphics and the crazy little clap-traps that help you along the way. The best part is the weapons: Ive rarely found 2 weapons that are exactly alike (they may look or be named alike but check the stats) The best weapon i found so far (just for sheer funniness) was a pistol that shot fireworks that bounced until hitting a fleshy target. Another EPIC weapon was a 20 barrled shotgun that fired homing missiles but with my soldier perk that gave me 50% magazine increase made it that lil bit cooler.
One of the fun things to do so far is the free-running (parkour). Dont bother with the buggies just run instead, ive been able to pull off some cool jumps and been able to find certain 'sweet' spots that either make a good sniping spot or have had rare stuff hidden there and I like games that reward the explorative player.
The co-op gameplay is fun, I just dont know how to get the headset working on my controller in game, if you start a server you can either start it afresh or start it afresh with your previous character which then levels up all the enemies in game aswell. Or you could just start a server with the previous game and go around finishing off bounties etc. The trading system (or lack of) is a bit poo, you have to drop it on the ground then hope that they drop theirs aswell otherwise its gone forever so just be careful who you play with. On my server ive had alot of people join and play for hours because im not a normal gamer I dont follow the rules and I like to make my own way from A to B, so theyve stayed just to see what I come up with next. I always give away the good stuff as im happy with my arsenal, so come join me on my server and recieve plenty of gifts, money and a shit-load of experience, just either add me on Borderlands itself or private message me on here with your details and ill add you.

My details below:
Username: ZeroCreatorz
Server name: youWONTdie


zerocreatorz Blog

Has anyone had the chance to play Singularity?
Well I have and I enjoyed it. It had a nice storyline that fell with the surroundings which were beautiful by the way. It uses the Unreal 3 Engine and uses it well nice Dynamic ranges when looking around the scenery and when using your iron sights. the control scheme was a bit fiddly but no way near what i expected after seeing the gameplay videos. The storyline follows you as a part of recon team sent in to investigate the massive radiation spike sent out to a satellite from this island, on the journey in on the helicopter you have control over the camera, the rain is pouring and massive waves can be seen below as well as crashing against the island itself then a giant sickle just comes out of nowhere (the one in the screenshot i posted) and it looked visually awsome with the waves and foam and the rain splattering off it. Anyway I wont spoil too much but you end up starting the game off alone, wet and with no weapons.

The gameplay was very linear with plenty of little side passages but i didnt find many areas that had more than one route except the boat area which i nearly got lost in (im trying not to spoil it but its hard). Theres plenty of weapons although you can only carry two at once including the original rocket launcher, machine gun, even a rail gun but the best weapon has got to be the one that lets you slow down time and snipe enemies with the bullet even if theyre hiding round corners, the remote controlled grenade launcher is the best, but hey who needs weapons when youve got the TMD, which lets you age or renew objects all around the scenery including enemys defences but theyre definately needed to be more of them. It also lets you send a sonic boom out of yourself destroying insects or sending local bad guys flying. Then theres the cool part, the time ball that lets you send a physical 'ball' of stopped time that when fired at a group of multiple enemies can stop them in their tracks but the cool part is if you place one inbetween yourself and the bad guys it stops the bullets just make sure to get out of the way when the ball fades as the bullets still need to go somewhere. Also if you fire an explosive into an enemy inside a ball the explosion stops completely then goes boom as the ball disappears. One last TMD trick is physical manipulation of a solid object so that you can lift them up, throw them or drop them this includes grenades and missiles the missiles look cool when flung back at the bad guys.
Theres only one thing that let this game down and thats the fact its too short, if your like me and you like to thrash the crap out of any new game youve been wanting to play since hearing about it (my mates know this as i did cod5 in 4.5 hours) will be dissapointed in hearing this: I recieved the game at 3.20pm yesterday it took till 3.55 to install (its about 7gb) then at about 11.30pm id finished it and that was on hard, dont get me wrong i did die a couple of times, god knows i aint prefect, but still managed to complete it only 6-7 hours im starting to get bored of games companies maing short storylines but beautiful sceneries, I havent tried the multiplayer yet but then there wont be many playing it anywayz as no one should have this game yet its not released till 29th in America anyway, god knows when europe will see it. Once ive played the multiplayer ill let you know if this adds any playtime cause i really want to know how the TMD will work in multiplayer I mean slowing down someone elses screen while your unning around like a madman must of been some hard coding I hope its not gonna be like that stupid lagging trainer in Halo.
One last thing I definately had to add was the sound, OMG it was freaking awsome, theres no option in the menus to have EAX enabled or how many speakers youve got so i was really surprised during the in-game intro when i heard everything all around me, exactly where it shudda been the directional sounds in the game were spot on and if you have surround sound definately try this one out it will blow your mind or make you shit your pants either way still a good reaction.

All in all a good game but definately gonna be a book end I dont think im gonna be plaing it much more only to get the other 2 endings (the ending I got sorta give it away that theres more than one)

If your playing it or have played it, let me know I really want to talk about the area in the boat as I know that Raven software have definately been watching jaws again (its the only film thats ever made me jump and this game had a part just like jaws part that made me jump) I hate you Raven but love you also...

Worse weekend ever

zerocreatorz Blog

This weekend I decided to install Knoopix linux to my HDD as I use it for texture processing (its super fast). I usually run it off a cd but my cd drive is starting to die so it was geting a bit slow. Anyway i installed it and it ran perfect took 3 mins to boot up first time as it had to load up all the drivers and stuff then i rebooted it took 3 seconds to go from mem check to linux desktop (sonic the hedhog speed) so i thawt brill now ill just get my internet dongle drivers the only thing was it didnt load it said no os found so i rebooted tried again this time it said file format not recognised and wudnt give me dos, so i went into linux and looked at the hdd's linux had only gone and formatted both drives into type3 or whatever it was so i undid what it did miracoulusly it didnt delete the data just changed the drives format so i thought great itll load now, did it buggery it kept saying there was prolems with the hal driver so i tried reinstalling xp the only thing is was it said the drive needed reformatting to fat32 or ntfs the only problem is with a in format you lose everything, thankfully all my software was backed up but none of my maps or other mod files and when i started the windows install i realised id left my key at my moms so ive been stuck all weekend with no inernet and no laptop, :( and now am havng to start the escape mod from scratch sorry guys, dont worry ive had time at the weekend to make a shed load of changes which are definately for the better, trust me, ill be leaving my original pics up for comparisons

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