Hello everyone! First of all I`m from Russia. That means, that some times I can make grammar mistakes... And I glad to see you on my profile page! I "working" in game developing for 3 years, and all of this time I working with FPS Creator. I`m a founder of Wolf interactive team (almost 3 years old team).
I`m (again and again "I`m" =_=) level designer, weak hand 3d modeler, sketch artist, screenwriter, and script writer. Thanks for attention =)

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[ARGH! I hate opera! Because of some random keys combination it dropped me on previous page, and poof (!), text is gone... >_< Okay, I will write it again]
Hello folks!

It`s me again! I guess you can remember my by films like [put here your favorite game].
I really tired, and I hate school. It eats all my time, life time, free time =_= And because of school I also can`t make good progress in development for this weekends I guess. So there will be no development news at this weekends.
But still... em...
I want to thank you folks! =) I newer thought, that we will have over 1000 visitors! =)
And of course special thanks for our watchers:

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  • Zwedizhfizh

P.S. If you want, you can be the alfa tester of first level! =) Please response in comment.

I think that is all what I wanted to say.
Thank you for attention!
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{Insert the name here]

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Wolf interactive is an independent game creators team. We are using the FPS Creator engine as our basic work tool. The main genre of our games is action...


Thanks for tracking Gomo! have a nice day :)

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