I've been making games for over a decade but Moon Rift will be my first release.

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zemrod101 May 22 2013, 10:25am replied:

I have a few more buildings already designed and I'm adding more, so far there is a temple were you keep track of your moon pieces, which act as ability boosts, there's an upgrade/mechanic where you can upgrade your guns, And there's a Rec Room that has health and energy vending machines. Yes I'm planning on optional levels as well as a world map. New levels become unlocked by collected moon pieces or as the story progresses. The pieces you collect actually alter your abilities, i.e you can get a moon piece that will let you freeze enemies and boost your health. You are correct, it might hurt my funding :/ but as far as content goes it's more of a matter of time, not money, which is why I don't have any stretch goals listed, when I hit my goal I might add some but I'd hate to leave a feature out just because I didn't make a certain amount :P.

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zemrod101 May 21 2013, 9:27pm replied:

No, no other planets. The rocket was more or less a place holder since the world map/travel aspect of the game isn't fleshed out yet. I just tried to think of the best way to travel and the first thing that came to mind was "ROCKET!"

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zemrod101 May 21 2013, 1:36pm replied:

Yes yes, just the idea of exploration, not the combat :P, In addition to the terrain generation I'm working on random dungeons with rooms and hallways that's more or less like zeldas and castlevania.

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zemrod101 May 13 2013, 9:59pm replied:

Ha yeah try insanely crowded. The HUD isn't even close to done. This screen is trying to see what could be legible on mobile devices.

Most of that isn't on the screen during play, I coded most of the HUD to be optional so you can turn them off, by default they only pop up on screen when relevant i.e. after picking up ammo or money.

I'll most likely make the HUD sizes adjustable too.

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zemrod101 May 12 2013, 5:13am replied:

Ha there's no getting around that a lot of the gun generation is heavily inspired by borderlands. The rest of the game is more based on fantasy games like the old 2d Zeldas or Final Fantasies, mixed in with a little Rogue Likes.

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zemrod101 May 12 2013, 5:11am replied:

Well the game is still a work in progress and to be honest the video doesn't really do it justice. Right now, especially with such a small budget I'm not looking for help but thank you:)

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zemrod101 May 11 2013, 1:41pm says:

Thanks! I'm using C# with the Unity4 engine.

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