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So there I was, needing a Command & Conquer marathon I re-installed C&C Generals and Zero Hour. Its been years now but these games still are some of my favorites. Now, if you know this know EA made HIDEOUS skins for the models in this game., naturally I Google "Generals Zero Hour Skins" (btw there are alot of cool ones out there , my fav. are named realistic desert skins for USA , peoples army v2 (china) anda realistic GLA skin making them all look like little bin ladens hehe.) I continue to browse around game related sites and what do I come across.....??

MODDB's sit for SHOCKWAVE -> Zero Hour Mod

Whoooooo!! Im thinking yeah baby this looks good so I d/led it. Figured whats the risk? can always reinstall if i dont like it. Let me just say this mod is heavens answer to EA's folly. The game itself is great , only drawback was EA's rush to make money off it and not finish it., so basically we end up buying a retail beta at a store.,,..Shockwave Mod fixes that. I was so impressed at how this mod re-newed my gaming expierince, yet keeping true to the soul of the game , so happy I had to register to this site to show my love for it. Thank you SHOCKWAVE and MODDB for giving modders and editors all throughout the gaming world , from racing game s to rpg's to rts's what a great place

-end rave

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