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I got a few questions, what mouse, keyboard, and headset is that? (please be more specific then just, oh that's a razor product, since they got a bunch of products:D) also is the keyboard mechanical? what kind of motherboard is it? or is it just a random no-name board that dell uses? finally how much did that pc cost, and how old is it...can't be too old since the GTX 690 is relatively new. how many watt power suppler do you have? why didn't you just build your own computer? since i'm quite sure that you could get nearly the same specs if not better for less then what this computer cost you. how many usb and other ports does the case have, not counting the motherboard I/O. also what does the motherboard I/O have? those SSDs seem good but what company are they from and what are they called? What company made the ram? finally can you change the case lighting?
thats about all the questions i can think off:D

now for the problems i would have with this computer:
the case looks nice and flashy but it doesn't have a side window!! i like seeing my components in action:D
the ram looks bad. (sorry i just had to say that, but it doesn't have any heatsink) compare with my ram: Memoryexpress.com
the cooling looks like its not too good.
the cpu cooler is the worst according to Linus. Youtube.com

thanks for making the video

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Yuribeard7 Author

Updated the description to include names of peripherals. Now to answer your other questions/statements.

I don't know the name of the mobo.

This PC cost me $4k (that includes shipping, tax, and advanced 3 year warranty).

Its only 6 months old.
I think its an 850 or 875 watt PSU.
I didn't build it myself for several reasons. Firstly, I don't have the time, patience, or knowledge to build a computer. Secondly, I wanted the warranty in the event I needed parts replaced and it was cheap for 3 years of advanced coverage where Dell will replace anything for me.

The motherboard has 5 USB 2.0 ports. The other USB ports are located on the front top of the case. Those are 2 USB 2.0 and 1 USb 3.0.

The Solid State Hybrid drives are made by Seagate and are of great quality.

I don't know who makes the RAM sticks in my PC but they are good and have not had any issues at all. There is enough cooling that they don't need their own heatsinks.

The liquid CPU cooler is great quality and one of the best out there. It has something similar to freon in it's tubes. The cooling is quite excellent. There is a fan in the front bottom of the case that sucks in air over the drives and fans in the vents on top and on the mobo to blow the hot air out the top in addition to the radiator fan. I can run this computer with no air conditioning on and the windows wide open (I live in Florida by the way, so it gets hot down here) and not have it overheat even once.

Yes, you can change the case lighting and their colors.

Its a great tower that I plan to keep and use when I do eventually build my own computer after this build becomes obsolete.

Hope this answers your questions/statements to your satisfaction.

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If your planning on getting a new keyboard check out other keyboard by other manufactures since as awesome as razor there can be other really good products by other companies too. Corsair is planning to release a fully mechanical keyboard soon. Linus featured it on his coverage of CES. And he has being posting a lot of videos featuring the event, so I barely have time to do anything else.

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Also building a computer is quite simple it's just time consuming and gets quite loathsome when I have to wait for the OS to install, and then the drivers, then the games I want to play, and the applications I want to have (Firefox, word, etc) and organizing the desktop with the help of fences. And then organizing the rest of my files and folders. At least the good thing is that I have a 2 terabyte seagate storage drive and a 128gb ssd. So I just need to focus on the ssd when reinstalling the OS. Although some things on the storage drive stop working too:( it usally takes a few hours to build a pc. But the. I basically only build one (sort of two but most of the work was done by someone else on the other pc) so I only built one pc all by myself.

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Over the year and a haft or so that I had it for I broke the bios (shut down the pc while it was flashing it, at least I learned something:D) luckly it was removable since ROG equipment rocks:) so I got it replaced. Which reminds me I got to check for updates later today when it's not the middle of the night and I'm not sitting infront of my terrible peice of technology that doesn't understand basic grammar and spelling. (Aka an iPhone. Maybe a razor edge would come in handy right now.....) anyways I also replaced my case to a much more awesome case which came with a nice CPU cooler. I upgraded the PSU to a much better version, I upgraded the ram from 8 to 16, I overclocked my CPU from 3.1 GHz to about 4.5GHz making my computer slightly unstable. It only gives me the BSOD once in a while. I only saw it about 2 times. While it might have happened several times. And I had it overclocked for a few months now. I also added an ssd that became the primary os drive and i use my 2 terabyte 5400rpm drive as strage. I should upgrade my graphics card from 6870 to something newer ending with X990 or X970 I'm not sure if I should wait for the 8XXX series or if I should get a 7XXX series. Hopefully it would be an ROG card. I very much like the ROG theme as well as the quality:) also I should get some more fans and maybe a few more SSDs.

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Your case is amazing if the lights are customizable however I really like having a window, in fact that's like a requirement for me. Also I need good cable management. Lastly have you tried overclocking your computer? And don't unless you know what your doing, and/or your computer supports it like my motherboard does. It's so easy to safely overclock my computer thanks to my amazing motherboard. If your worried about warranty when building your own system, know that the parts have manufacture warranty, and sometimes store warranty and you can also get additional warranty, but usually good, solid components don't break. I should do a video about my pc too:) which I might be able to make durring this weekend, in between studying for final exams which are begining to consern me... Anyways good night. And you have no idea how painful it was to type this out on my iPhone its as if my iPhone has declared war on me:( it lags doesn't autocorrect mistakes and even automistakes correct words, it doesn't like moddb either, and moddb kept telling me I wrote too much which I why I split it into several sections and worst of all I had a nice discriptive message written and then my iPhone decided to crash safari! Arrg I hate this thing:( took me about an hour to write all of this:) anyways good night and I like technology a lot, which is why I talk much to much about it, saddest of all is that I can't afford to be right at the cutting edge:( I wish I had a $3k pc but I only have a $1k pc which was upgraded over the year and a half that I had it for. (I built it around October/November 2011)

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Yuribeard7 Author

My CPU is factory overclocked already so there is no need to overclock it again.

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So what speed does it run at? I managed to OC my CPU from 3.1ghz to 4.5ghz. Sorry if I'm repeating myself but I'm not really thinking at the moment, I should get some sleep and stop picking up my iPhone after 10pm.

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Yuribeard7 Author

4.2 Ghz.

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