i like making art/drawing/conspet art, modeling, textureing, rigging, animating, designing....

i think the think I final found what i really want to do Level design/level building.

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My main focus now it to get multiplayer up and running. I''m working on making sure that the Sonic chief is rigs, animated and read to go in game as well as the weapons (which need tweeching) items like flags, oddballs, power-ups. I also still trying to find whether to have vechiles in the levels, in so I'm going to re texture them so their still halo version but sonic-est textures - mostly likely base the texture off a sonic character like I've done the weapons. I also want to re d the hud just a little and also see if thewax would be kind enough to make me a loading screen and a score screen background.

Once all this is done I'm going to create a simple level based off all the special zones to release to show everyone what to expect and see the reactions. Once thats done I can get to work on the main levels I've picked. I keep having a feeling of doing all of the sonic 1 maps then releasing them as a pack etc or just keep with the first mix I've picked, have to see what the team thinks.

I also want to do other things as well as the sonic mod as I really love being a environmental artist and level desginer. Most people say that degree course in games are bad but for me its the best thing there is - just got to do the top up next year to finish and hopefully get a job. I already know sony likes my work... wish they told me to my face tho and not a first year :<

Going to make some level in unreal 2004 (unreal3 wont work on this computer and maybe some flash games ^^


Hey, what mod are you making?
Anything with sonic in, i'm interested.

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Yize Creator

I'm helping my bf with the sonic mod for halo ce - I'm doing the multiplayer side of the game.

Thats the only sonic mod I'm working on at the moment. I'm a modeler for a dawn of war mod, and also making a unreal 2k4 level for a flash artist called roger - the IMP manson. Want to make a flash game with sonic, but having a hard time getting the actionscript/coding right for it.

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I don't have Dawn of War, but i have halo, and i am willing to play your mod whenever it's done!, it sounds veeerry cool.

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