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xxSWxxNinja Jun 16 2010 replied:

The development team ran the release as a closed tech demo alpha. Were currently overhauling the games mechanics taking what worked and improving upon those.

A new system of map creation is being developed that fully utilises the brand new invasion system

Vehicles are being overhauled to UDK standards and more are being incorporated into the game

The character model numbers are being increased and detail overall is being upped.

The Heavy Steel mod team are working hard to develop the game into a full high standard mod that not only will push the boundaries of UT3 but hopefully be a strong entry for make something unreal.

We will also be releasing details of a dedicated website soon so keep posted.

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xxSWxxNinja May 13 2010 says:

Its looking likely from the team discussions and some of the feedback we've had from people that the Alpha may infact be a closed alpha. Were discussing the possibilities of overhauling alot of the stuff now that we can concentrate solely on the art stuff.

We will be looking for a few positions to be filled, primarily.

Level designer
Music & Sound

Applicants please contact me via moddb

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xxSWxxNinja May 12 2010 says:

Look the trailer was for an end of year presentation, the game was created as a university project from a very small team with no previous UT3 experience. The first release is an alpha only, we plan to completely redo everything now that we dont have to worry about strict uni deadlines.

If it was optimized we'd be releasing a full version of the game.

Your comments are appreciated though

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xxSWxxNinja May 12 2010 replied:

Thanks for the support, we look forward to you being a part of our ongoing community :)

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xxSWxxNinja Apr 27 2010 says:

Cheers everyone for your comments, the moddb mod forum is now up guys, if you wanna drop us a visit on there, maybe share your thoughts we look forward to hearing from you all.


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xxSWxxNinja Apr 25 2010 replied:

The textures for that character were changed a while back to have it removed. Eye candy for all characters will be released soon :)


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xxSWxxNinja Feb 14 2010 replied:

The symbol is only being used on the special forces units of the German Army for obvious reasons these soldiers were the elite of the Nazi regime. Just dont put too much thought into it, were certainly not, were not trying to make some bold statement or deliberatly be controversal is just fits the theme were going for. In game you will clearly see a more ideological Good Vs Bad, think killzone or Gears of war where the bad guys are majorly diffrent to the good guys.

As always though all your comments are respected and taken on board

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xxSWxxNinja Dec 21 2009 says:

Good luck to everyone, and merry xmas

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xxSWxxNinja Nov 26 2009 replied:

Hey Shoelip thanks for your comments, the game is multiplayer, 2 teams, however on those teams we intend to create a distinct cooperative environment, where by you rely on your fellow team mates to achieve your teams objective.

One area where this will be apparent is the cooperation between the tank driver and the main tank gunner, and then the cooperation between the tank and the infantry around it. Though tanks play a major part, they desperatly need the support of infantry around them, and vice versa you will often find times when your squad desperatly needs tank support.

In heavy Steel were trying to take a fresh look at creating a fast paced Multiplayer shooter, while at the same time adding alot of tactical cooperative gameplay you usually find on much slower games.

I hope that answers your question :)

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xxSWxxNinja Nov 24 2009 replied:

The swastika is a symbol of WW2 Nazi Germany. Its an easily recognisable icon that when used responsibly and not used in an offensive manner.

Heavy Steel will use a game mode called invasion, this game mode will be based on the German forces storming dover beach with set objectives to capture. The british objectives will be to defend dover and keep the germans from breaking through until help arrives.

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xxSWxxNinja Nov 16 2009 says:

The suspension tracking system is one of the key features of unreal that were looking to take to the next level, beyond what the standard unreal vehicles use.

The cromwell seemed like the ideal choice as its rarely used in war games and was the standard cruiser tank for the british army upto and after the war. As our game will be set in a very recognisable british environment the Cromwell is an ideal choice.

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xxSWxxNinja Nov 16 2009 replied:

Thats a render in 3Ds Max, Ingame shots will be put up soon showing the current major assets we've developed ingame. Still some development taking place with mapping for various assets.

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xxSWxxNinja Nov 15 2009 replied:

Hi CM7900 thanks for the view, the UDK was recently obtained and we are currently in the process of asessing it. No doubt we will be using a portion of it to unlock further usage from UT3 however for the time being this will remain an Unreal3 based mod requiring the game to play. We will update ofcourse if that stance changes.

Current Progress towards beta - 15%

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