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Engine Review on Feb 10th, 2012

I chose 10/10 because i really like the overall look and feel. Next to the awesome graphics it comes with an easy to handle, but powerful editor for maps and flowgraph. I really aprechiate for the bundled engine-code, so that developing is not a hassle with derping aroun in LUA or the Flowgraph, but can directly be integrated into the Engine itself.

And those facts have also made my choice to develop my game with the CryEngine3, because Unreal IS powerful, BUT the relation to the useness-level is quite diffrent. While the CryEngine is easy to handle, but powerful, the Unrealengine is powerful the same way, but much harder to handle.

Some may call this lazyness, not to use the harder engine, but i call it effectiveness. More that can be done in the same time.