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Xamp Jan 24 2014, 6:51pm says:

Ahh, the memories, i love this mod.

+1 vote     mod: Malkavian Mod
Xamp Dec 24 2013, 5:26pm says:

"DON'T DOWNLOAD IT!" Your not my boss! *download*

+2 votes     download: Dr Spam - 50 weapons + 50 items showcase
Xamp Dec 7 2013, 10:24am says:

Would definitely give this mod another go, especially with the option to enable shifters skill system.

+4 votes     article: The future of Biomod
Xamp Jul 27 2013, 9:29am says:

Wow, i did not expect to hear something from Shifter again, yet here we are with v1.9. Thirteen years is a hell of a long time, using just the same install, thats just amazing.

+5 votes     article: Not dead. Oh, and v1.9 is out.
Xamp Jul 1 2013, 4:52am says:

I guess getting hit by a fast flying rubber would also hurt like hell, but bullets are better at these kind of things.

+2 votes     media: Eraser Fight!
Xamp Mar 4 2013, 9:39am says:

I really like the music, good job.

+2 votes     media: Devlog Update 3-4-13
Xamp Feb 14 2013, 7:21am replied:

Apperently we need seperate versions again...

+1 vote     download: Brutal Doom version 18
Xamp Feb 14 2013, 7:20am says:

Got an error message while trying to start the mod, tried it again without any other mods, still getting this error message:

Bad hex number: no
Tried to register class 'XDeathRevenantHead' more than once.
Script error, "brutalv018.pk3:head_sys" line 38:
"SERVERSIDEONLY" is an unknown flag

Script error, "brutalv018.pk3:bossbox" line 26:
"SERVERSIDEONLY" is an unknown flag

Script error, "brutalv018.pk3:bossbox" line 87:
"SERVERSIDEONLY" is an unknown flag

Tried to register class 'BloodSplashBase' more than once.

Execution could not continue.

3 errors while parsing DECORATE scripts

If somebody knows what's up, i would be thankfull for your help.

+2 votes     download: Brutal Doom version 18
Xamp Feb 9 2013, 5:51am replied:

Wich is not a bad thing, by the way.

+3 votes     media: Thicker Fog
Xamp Feb 9 2013, 5:49am says:

Looks like you're high on mushrooms.

+3 votes     media: Thicker Fog
Xamp Feb 8 2013, 2:24pm replied:

I see, thanks for the reply.

+1 vote     media: Brutal Doom V18 Fatalities
Xamp Feb 4 2013, 1:35pm says:

Will the shotgunblast take up any ammo?

+3 votes     media: Brutal Doom V18 Fatalities
Xamp Dec 25 2012, 9:43am replied:

I guess it's just volume 1 and 2 reworked.

+3 votes     download: Doom Metal Soundtrack Mod - Volume 3
Xamp Dec 16 2012, 6:33am says:

Ohh, tis gon be gud!

+1 vote     media: Snake Boss WIP
Xamp Dec 10 2012, 11:24am says:

Well, if he isn't a soldier, what is he then? A merc. or a rebel?
Sorry havent gotten too much of the story.
I guess you could call the game "Rebel of" for example.

+2 votes     article: Work Continues
Xamp Dec 4 2012, 2:41pm says:

You guys sure know what you are doing, keep up the awesome work.

+5 votes     mod: Underhell
Xamp Jul 26 2012, 3:48pm says:

Looks pretty good, keep up the great work, also i have notice you have done a lot of progress recently (i noticed that from having an Soldier of update almost daily), and i just wanted to say, awesome job with this game, much luck for the future.

+2 votes     media: Tank Textured / Animated
Xamp Jul 25 2012, 5:24am replied:

Ahh alright, did not know that, thanks for the answer.

+2 votes     media: Tank WIP Turnaround
Xamp Jul 22 2012, 1:34pm says:

Sooo... where exactly is the entrance?

+1 vote     media: Tank WIP Turnaround
Xamp Apr 2 2012, 6:15am replied:

change the "weapon_custom1" into any other number like 23
exmpl: "weapon_custom23" so it won't replace any other weapon. To be sure look into your scripts folder and see if there is a free weapon script number befor 30 since that is the max number of custom weapon scripts. If yes than change the weapon_custom1 script into a number that is free so no weapon needs to be replaced and you can use the gun

+1 vote     download: A certain little 1911A1
Xamp Feb 7 2012, 9:44am replied:

Strange it worked out for me

+1 vote     download: Texture Pack BETA
Xamp Feb 5 2012, 6:15am says:

Hey you did an awesome job with this mod, i dont even want to play the normal max payne anymore but i wanted to ask, whats the titel of the music playing in rage mode?

+2 votes     mod: Payne Effects 3
Xamp Jan 13 2012, 5:35pm replied:

You can ad it completly by yourself, just do it the way you would ad sleeves to your CS:S

+2 votes     media: CS_Pariah Gameplay
Xamp Jan 8 2012, 10:13am says:

Hey i wanted to ask, is it possible to put the player dialog back since it was disabled? If yes how?

+2 votes     mod: SMOD-DT "Project life"
Xamp Oct 15 2011, 12:45pm replied:

Even Deus Ex HR?

+1 vote     mod: Disaster Warning
Xamp Aug 6 2011, 4:16am says:

The music is nice but as The_Silver said, it doesnt realy fits to the mod, sadly

+2 votes     media: Main Theme Instrumental
Xamp Aug 4 2011, 5:28am says:

who needs guns when you can blow them to pieces with your own blood?

+1 vote     media: I`m not dead
Xamp Jul 25 2011, 10:51am says:

Seems realy good tracking

+2 votes     mod: Deus Ex Skyward
Xamp Jun 6 2011, 7:55am says:

Ohh wait i now know whats the prob. I tryed to thick out the "Travel" thing in the Loadmap menu and it works fine now. Maybe you should put this in the read me or in the description of the download.

+2 votes     mod: JC's Life of Humour
Xamp Jun 6 2011, 7:53am replied:

Yes i got an error message: StringToName: Invalid character 0x0027 in name "MJC'S LIFE OF HUMOR_StartupText"

History: UObject::ProcessEvent <- (MissionScript
HumorMissions.MissionScript0, Function DeusEx.MissionScript.Timer)
<- AActor::Tick <- TickAllActors <- Ulevel::Tick <- (NetMode=0) <-
TickLevel <- UGameEngine::Tick <- XGameEngineExt::Tick <-
UpdateWorld <- MainLoop

+2 votes     mod: JC's Life of Humour
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