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ok maybe its alot ot ask but ever since i was 6 and held my fist ps1 controller i felt the surge of power at being able to have anything muwhahaha (in a gaming sense), this however quickly wore off with the need to keep switching discs and wait for game sequals to be release before they could fix the bugs and crappy bits!!! See here is were my problem i loved games like SW battle fronts and when number 2 came out it was Amazing when u could dog fight in space and board capital ship (mind u the buzz wore off when u saw every capital ship was just 4 rooms on the inside). But then came the need to fly capital ships that are intrecate than a public libary and as far as i know there are no such games :'( WHHYY!!!

Am i the only gamer who wants to fly a fleet of capital class ships in to battle fire some HEFTY mofo cannons, get in a fighter dog fight the crap outta the enemy, then board a realistic space station and midless walk around with a gun that fires like a 40k bolter (shoot at bad guy, bad guys turn into red mist,are shredded by the flying shrapnle of his bones and limbs) then crush the rest of the enemy fleet and DECEND ON THE EMENY PLANET WITH MY ARMY OF DROP POD MARINES MUWHAHAHAHAH *cough* *cough* if u know of any games that are along these tracks plz tell me !

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