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Dishonored is one of those games that has a feel that is reminiscent of Victorian London....minus Jack The Ripper. Instead we have a rat plague, a murdered Empress, her kidnapped daughter and our character Corvo Attano, wrongfully accused and awaiting execution!
Within 10 mins of playing the game we have established these fact, and are thrown in
to the gameplay.

Its not a negative however, its a really nice way to begin, and is done in such a fashion that you are excited to gain proper control of your character, and find those who have wronged Corvo and the 2 females in his life.
Overall the story is simple. Its a tale of betrayal, the effects of power and redemption....somewhat Shakespearian wouldn't you say?

The Developers, Bethesda and Arkane Studios, created a fun game with solid characters and fun game mechanics to explore. The look of the game has a very similar feel to Oblivion and Skyrim, even if it is not identical, and uses a 2D type of effect on the animations that give a very artistic feel...almost like
playing within an oil painting.

loved playing around with the various abilities afforded to Corvo within the game, and it was nice to see that my actions would have a positive or negative response within the game, both on environment and story.

lets look at the problems I found. Firstly, there seemed to be a obvious difference between the different version of the game. I was playing on the PS3 Platform, and experienced some problems with one of my main abilities, Blink, which refused to catch on many occasions to ledges and surfaces that were relatively near. When I watched somone playing the PC version of the game, the character control was much much tighter, allowing the player to re-act quicker.

second problem I had was with the amount of readable material within the game.
Now I love finding things, and looting etc..but this game took it just a little bit too far. Even if they had the same amount of material, but spiced it up a bit with character voices or something?!

Overall Dishonored is great game with an intriguing story, and good characters. I would not go as far as to say characters you love...but they were good all the same!
The gameplay is fun despite its flaws on certain platforms, and certainly worthy of a playthrough.
Its replay value is most certainly high, with two different endings, and a variety of different ways that you can play each level in the game. Including a special achievement at the end of each level for a
Ghost Achievement (Not Detected) or to end each level with No Kills.

So we will give Dishonored a Winning score of 8/10.
Our Giveaway is now running if you are interested in taking part. It ends on the 19th July 2013 @ Noon UK Time. Click This link for our Giveaway video:

You can also watch part 1 of our playthrough here :

Thanks again for your time,
All the best,Tal @ WinningMediaHD

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