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I've joined this community to help get the word out about Wingball, a freeware game I've been working on for some time now. It's currently available for download from the website ( as a playable technical demo for Windows - although after being released in Q4 2011 it will also be ported to Mac. I apologize to Mac users who are unable to play these early versions, but it just won't be possible until then.

As it stands now, you can race through 1 level on a time limit, getting more time from checkpoints and collecting coins, with the purpose of competing for high scores against other people who are playing. There are several people playing daily since this was released last week, so if you're up for some competition then I hope to see you there as well.

Features so far include on-demand bullet time (right mouse button), weather effects (rain and lightning), dynamic foliage placement that changes every time you play, some sheep hopping around that aren't good for much except getting hit.. well you can just check it out if you're interested to know more. There's also a special "overgrowth" mode to toggle which I've included for people who want to try it out, which basically covers everything except the course itself with trees and bushes (of which there will be many varieties in later versions). Please note that this feature is optimized for 2 or more processors, and enabling it on single core systems will result in much lower frame rates.

And finally, Wingball is friendly for all ages (at least for now), but that doesn't mean it's easy ;).

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