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Apparently people occasionally visit my profile page, which is really nice! But I rarely post here, so I thought I'd link you guys to the Jailbreak Development Blog, which is a pretty inaccurate name for what is basically a slowly growing mass of tutorials about how to do everything we've done in Jailbreak in your own mod.

We're covering every element of modding that we can, in as much detail as we can (including programming) so make sure to check it out!

Jailbreak: Source ... 30,000 Downloads and Counting!

Wills Blog

Woohoo! We just hit the 30,000 downloads mark, time to party!

Jailbreak: Source 0.4 has been hugely succesful for us, with loads of regular players now, five clans playing each other on an almost daily basis, and around twenty custom maps in production. People are even making re-skins of models, custom sprays, wallpapers, videos, t-shirts and all sorts of crazy Jailbreak related stuff. It's really surpassed all my expectations and I couldn't be happier!

Now, I just gotta tear myself away from playing long enough to get 0.5 finished!

JB 0.4 Coming soooon!

Wills Blog

Well Jailbreak 0.4 is coming soon, with our new release right around the corner, hopefully if all goes well, within the next two-four weeks! We're currently just ironing out a few kinks and exploits to ensure a fun gaming experience for all. Our aim is to create something that is accessible to everyone, and is crazy fun, and we think we've achieved that!

Jailbreak Blog?

Wills Blog

Wow! I have the ability to post a blog...

Now what the hell do I write about?! Jailbreak?

OK then! Jailbreak 0.4 is going extremely well, we're about to unleash the fourth internal beta onto our diligent beta team so they can shred it to pieces and spit it right back at us again! Within the next two months we are hoping to really begin releasing a lot of new media. Rest assured, we'll only start releasing media updates once we are within 3-4 weeks of releasing, so we can get as many people as possible interested!

Anyway, good to see my name sake posting below, bizarre to find another Andrew Wills interested in the modding scene! Hope you are well Andrew, I certainly am :D

Maybe I'll post another blog soon, maybe I'll forget all about this! Who knows?!

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