I has got too much free time in my hand now. And I found that from time to time I like to use that time to shape my drawing skills.

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Yesterday I went to re-enactors club for an ancient estonians life lecture. Re-enactors are people, who recreate and relive the ancestors lifestyle, by doing everything like they did, from making clothes (yes, they shave sheeps and all that to make those), to making weapons (they have real swords and war bows... I was in heaven...).

 The lecture was fun and all and after the lecture they started to discuss about the viking ship, they were building. Apparently our ancestors were part of vikings at some time.. actually even better as all vikings trips here ended in heavy losses from dead viking king to counter-trip from estonians, who along with few other nations, destroyed ancient capital of sweden vikings.

 And just right before I left they tried to sell me an self-made warbow. I concidered it for an moment, but then I found out the price. 300$? Thank you, but no.

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