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werdnahman @ Pokémon3D version 0.22

Oh, I thought of another feature that would be cool.
Would it be possible to make trees using several intersecting images? So, instead of a flat tree, it would be x shaped? Or maybe it could have 3 or 4 images, to make them look more 3d? Thanks again!

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werdnahman @ Pokémon3D version 0.22

I found some bugs,

1) I went through the floor in slowpoke cave when I had a fight right before going down the stairs.
2) A geodude got knocked out by confusion, and it notified that he was confused first, and then he disappeared.
3) Sometimes poison doesn't work on the first (and maybe second) rounds it should take effect. It also doesn't effect pokemon while walking.
4) Not really a bug, but there are a number of times when the camera will rotate 270 degrees instead of 90 degrees.
5) The scene changes, like entering a battle, take a longer time in full screen. It seems like this is because the effects are not scaled to window size. This improved a lot since 0.20, though.
6) The victory music is louder than most other sound effects
7) Turn off music seems to mute all sound effects
8) Bellsprout doesn't learn wrap at level 11.

Also, I am sure these have already been requested, but the following features would be greatly appreciated:
1) WASD movement, or the option to use it would be great
2) The option to change the frequency pokemon occur, I'm running into them about every 4 steps I take in some caves

Anyways, thanks for your updates! This is a cool project, and I enjoy using the game. The preloaded neighboring regions is a nice feature, it makes the world seem much more seamless.

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