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Working with music now!

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So, my moddb account has been dead for a while. I think its about time to announce that i am "working" with music now instead of taking part in mod development. Actually, you can say i still take part in mod development but in a different way. I've been studying music on my own for years now but now its seems it finally took over me.

Not working with any development teams right now. I am doing sort of a "more music mod" for TES 3 Morrowind. Also don't have a website of my own... yet. I am actually looking for a project to work on, but it turns out that isn't really useful for that sort of thing.


WeeGee9000 Blog 0 comments

Now WeeGee owns a fancy hat too.

(Also i'll be uploading some cool stuff for christmas, so.... yeah. GIMME THE PRESENTS)

Ohh, so it needs a minimum of 300 characters? Fine.
So my finals are going to be on the day after tomorrow i am studying like humanity depended on it i am very optmistic on it , thank you. Lel.

Friday 13, true ir false? cause its my luckiest day ever

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Dudes, i JUST GOT A CS GO BETA KEY, this proves that friday 13 is not supposed to give you bad luck, because its my LUCKIEST DAY EVUH!!!
I will be posting some gameplay at my youtube account

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