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Working with music now!

1 month ago by WeeGee9000 0 comments

So, my moddb account has been dead for a while. I think its about time to announce that i am "working" with music now instead of taking part in mod development. Actually, you can say i still take part in mod development but in a different way. I've been studying music on my own for years now but now its seems it finally took over me.

Not working with any development teams right now. I am doing sort of a "more music mod" for TES 3 Morrowind. Also don't have a website of my own... yet. I am actually looking for a project to work on, but it turns out that isn't really useful for that sort of thing.

Bad News

1 year ago by WeeGee9000 0 comments

The brazillian government has just approved a law that makes them able to directly analize and control the flow of data from brazillian internet users. That being said, they can put you in jail if you post something that they don't like, and if you have a least of good sense, you can definately tell that shit is going down the drain around here.

I don't know how this is going to affect my projects in the future, but don't expect much from me around here.

What is wrong with the people here in the country anyway? Making the State intervene with things he doesn't need to, the worst part is that there are actually people that think think exaggerated State intervention is something good, cut the crap already.

Then i have a bunch of friends who keep telling me i am a paranoid conservative, and shit, have you ever seen an atheist pro-weed pro-gay marriage conservative? That is the product of a youth that is going through an educational system that uses marxism and socialism as its base (the same government that is implanting it, is the same one that approved this law), and this indoctrination is even worse in high school, and its as utopic as a religion. So many atheists around that are proud of being pro-socialism, for me, that makes you even worse than the most fanatic of religious people.

Anyways, the only reason i am able to post this, is because the law will only take effect in a month or two, so i still have some time to get the latest Thor ... :>

One day, i will get out of this goddam rock, and ill live in Canada, or Hong Kong, or any developed and/or economicaly free country, or any country that is actually worried about their people and their markets rather than expanding the State's power (Obama, i am looking at you, you greedy motherfucker).

No wonder why so many leftist dictatorship-esque governments were recently showing their peak of individual freedom violations in South America (Maduro, i am looking at you, yo greedy motherfucker)

Resist always


1 year ago by WeeGee9000 0 comments

there is definately someone stalking my page and downvoting almost every single comment that i post
who the fuck are you?

Oh yeah, at least 300 characters. DON'T COME TO THE WORLD CUP IN 2014. You will be likely mugged, on broad daylight, and the criminals won't be arrested. Instead, the criminals will have every single kind of "social rights" on their aid PLUS most of them are minors. Yup, that is how shit works around here in Hueland.


2 years ago by WeeGee9000 0 comments

Now WeeGee owns a fancy hat too.

(Also i'll be uploading some cool stuff for christmas, so.... yeah. GIMME THE PRESENTS)

Ohh, so it needs a minimum of 300 characters? Fine.
So my finals are going to be on the day after tomorrow i am studying like humanity depended on it i am very optmistic on it , thank you. Lel.

Friday 13, true ir false? cause its my luckiest day ever

3 years ago by WeeGee9000 0 comments

Dudes, i JUST GOT A CS GO BETA KEY, this proves that friday 13 is not supposed to give you bad luck, because its my LUCKIEST DAY EVUH!!!
I will be posting some gameplay at my youtube account

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