Sins of a Generation is BACK!!! We are still looking for people for our mod team- texture artist, particle forge artist, and coder!!! If you want either of these positions and can be able to fill in the profession, PLEASE CONTACT ME OR FACED!!! Contact me on Facebook at username, Jason Allexander. It's not my real and true name. It is a temporary cautionary device I use to hide my real identity.

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IPAP Phoenix Colony Capital
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Thats the old picture -___-

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This is the picture of the Interplanetary Protectorate of Allied Planets- the IPAP for short. There are the two other factions to be noted- the Vertey Consulate, and the Dre'canore Imperium. The mod me and Bornsteller are currently doing is based on those three factions that we've discussed about that has connections with the Vasari, the Advent, and the TEC in some sort of way. The Vertey caused everything that is going on in the game lore, the Dre'canore were made by the Vasari to be their main source of labor and now are at war with them simply because the younger generation of Vasari never knew about them, and the IPAP are the most militant branch of the TEC, and are the most noted allies of the TEC. We both want this mod to be as interesting as possible and as fun as possible, so we think it's a good mix to have for this mod.

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