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I'm really don't know how people always end up here, but I have a theory...

This list represents the thoughts of a beginner mod developer trough time:

Day 0: Wow, I've been seeing and playing all these amazing Source mods. I can do anything I want in Source, I join too and make the best mod eva'!
Day 1: I've got an idea for the most epic mod ever. It's going to have an awesome gameplay, excellent graphics, deep story, lifelike characters with spot-on voice acting and a bit of well placed funny humour. Let's get started!
Day 5: Well, it was harder then I thought, but I hope that this 2-3 concept art for one level and a pistol is enough to get me starting. Time to download Maya or 3Dmax and Photoshop illegally and really get things starting.
Day 6: How do I make this cylinder shape bend again? Man, modelling sucks. Let's get to the mapping, I can always ask for someone to help me out with modelling for free, right? RIGHT?!
Day 8: Nice! I made my first orange room. Progress!
Day 15: Finally I made a copy of my original room and a functioning door between them. I'm really getting the hang of this.
Day 16: Time to make a moddb page and upload some hammer screenshots.
Day 42: Skybox finished finally. Time to put some brushes on my 2 rooms and some objects in it.
Day 85: F*ck this! I'll make a generic zombie shooter mod.

Day 142: Why is everyone hurting me and say my mapping sucks? I hate these people, such trolls. writing this long comments I don't care about. Why can't all just be like that guy who only wrote "Lulz graet modz dud! +1 trackz". That is such more helpful.
Day 160+n: Mod is dead douchebags! Hope you are happy. Man, so much of my time wasted. Time to do something more practical. Like I should go on youtube and write "This is much better than Justin Bieber" and "x people how disliked are Bieber fans" comments under music videos. Yeah, that is quite original!

Any suggestions/errors/personal thoughts are welcome in the comments.


Its amazing how accurate this is. I started fairly similar to this, possibly worse. I studied the mods for several months; then, proceeding without opening hammer more than 5 times, I went on to my favorite mods at the time and attempted to recruit supporters. Luckily one of the mod makers actually told me a tad bit about source; if it weren't for that, I doubt I wouldve gotten to day 5 xD

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This is my fifth read!

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