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Don't you just hate it when you want to make a game and you don't know what and/or how?

Well it's most certainly the case with me. I've been looking forward creating a small indie game for a long time, but I can't seem to find the right idea for it. Although finding the right game idea is one thing, making it is another. Sadly I haven't got much experience with game developing. The only engine I used was the earlier version of Games Factory (now Multimedia Fusion) and I really like to get into it more than that. Different design phases, artwork, execution (well maybe not programming, not a huge fan of that.) That's why I want to create a small game that is creative enough to be able to sell and easy enough to make.
Oh, it's not that I don't have ideas. I have loads of ideas that one day would like to make a full game. It's just that they are not possible for me as a single man team , which I'm looking for right now.

Some of my ideas (very briefly because I don't want to be a victim of idea stealing :) )

  • A 2D side-scroller and shooter platform game, set in an alternative steampunk Earth. Its main feature would be the world, the weapons, full voice acting, humour and possibly non-linear gameplay which is still unique for non-rpg 2D games. Also co-op.
  • An X-com style game with a twist. (Although I haven't played X-com yet, only watched a lot of LPs about it, but I really want to try that game.)
  • A futuristic and dark FPS set in an alternate timeline (or alternate world) with mutations as a key gameplay element. Mainly focusing on storytelling and gameplay.
  • The mother of all RTS games (how I humbly like to call it) combining all that is the best of strategy games from city builders (like Stronghold, Settlers, Anno or Pharaoh) to war games (like C&C series, Total war series) to make the most fun game experience, and where no two online matches are the same. 3 distinct worlds with a campaign for each and also a SDK and mod support, because... why not? :)
  • A horror FPS set around World War 2 and more focused on the protagonist's personal journey, story, exploring and gameplay rather then gunfight (although it has gunfights) with different endings.
  • I also had an idea for a fun snowball themed FPS game with cartoony graphics, humour and a funny story a bit mocking the modern FPS games, but I'm not sure if that will ever make a reality, because of it's goofiness .

Also I have some mod/map ideas as well for the Source engine. These were planned as side projects mostly If I would be willing to start learning the engine and possibly get some help with it.

  • A story about a group of Rebels, which doesn't sound original at all, but there won't be a lot of gunfights (if at all). It's more centred around their daily lives, how the world changed, personal development and the meaning of life with a few puzzle elements (think Radiator meets Dear Esther meets Half-Life). It would feature full voice acting.
  • A TF2 themed chess game. Simple as that.
  • Some (hopefully) unique TF2 maps.

Well that's all I can think of from mind right now. Now if I just only had the knowledge to start. I want to apply to another university this year to a "Digital design" department (roughly translated) because my current Uni sucks and I'm not planning a career in it anymore. But there aren't really any "game development" classes or courses I know of and it's really hard for me to start a career in design and gaming without anyone to teach me (let's be honest, learning from the internet by text and video only is hard, if not impossible). But if I get in at least that's a start. Although I really like to have some pre-knowledge. My goal for this year was to make a small game till the end of the summer (because it would be a great starting experience and if it could possibly make me some money that would help my student funding a lot) but I'm really not sure where to start.
I would need an idea, a free engine possibly that is easy to make games on, loads of artwork, a person to program it, a person to make music and sound for it, marketing, the whole funding for all that and I don't even know how taxing works with games that are sold internationally.

Game creating is hard folks, and I haven't even got past square one.

Any personal thoughts/suggestions/lessons/errors are welcome in the comments. Also if anyone is willing to hire a total beginner (to date) for a Source mod project or indie game to teach him and helping out I'm ready to apply. :)


I know exactly how you feel. I am in sort of the same boat, only I do have the means to make a game, just not so much time.

One thing that has really given me confidence is the Unity engine. It's free, it's very simple, and it's powerful. You will have to learn UnityScript, which may be a little intimidating at first, but dude, it'll bring you into the world of being a "game designer." It's fun too!

But no code is required for board games. They rock too. Many times a 3-D game is first played on paper. They're great for coming up with new idea as well.

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Otter. Author

Unity is free? I always thought that engine was commercial for some reason. I might check it out. Would be a better starting point then starting with Ogre or Torque I guess.

Thanks for the tip.

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A steampunk run'n'gun ? That sounds interesting !

About X-Com I suggest a 2D game (Nintendo DS level). X-Com don't really need any remake but more weapons, more aliens, more weapons, etc could be nice.

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Otter. Author

Technically it wouldn't be a remake. But I don't want to tell the twist because it would spoil it. :)

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