Hello guys this is Videogameboy101/Oneblukid here (I have both usernames). I am a great friend to any one I'm never a big jerk to any one so friend me if you like :). Also I am planning on getting a youtube channel some time but im not really sure when BUT i will let you know that once I have one ill re wirte this and tell you my username. I'll make videos on gaming which includes Minecraft, Team fortess 2, Spiral knights, Dragon nest, Cube Metalheart, and many more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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0 comments by Oneblukid on Apr 27th, 2013

In my future Ive actually have two big dream jobs I actually want to do in my future.

One of my big dream jobs is a videogame desinger.
I have TONS of ideas of storys for videos to a first person shooter, horror game, RPG, and even a amine shooter/fighting game! (oooooh :o) hahaha Though I haven't really came up with the storys on most of my ideas but I have thought some of it but I'll have to make the storys for my ideas soon though I won't tell you my ideas I came up with. Because who knows some one might steel my idea and then create it so no no no :P

My other dream big job I thought I actually want to do is makeing amine shows!!!! :D
I love amine and stuff like that and because of that Ive created some storys that I would like to make into a show someday!!!!!!!!! I hope later on in my life I hope that you guys will enjoy these storys and games though Im not perfect at drawing so I have to practice, practice, practice to make it happen even if I love drawing but not always great at it lol.

Im not sure which one of these two jobs I actually want though.
I could do both but that would mean I'll have to quit one of the jobs I picked and go to a univeristy and pay alot of moeny for it and take a couple of years to learn it. But lets see what happens later in life for me

Thank you for reading my blog!!!!!! ^_^

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