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Veriquitas Mar 6 2009 replied:

What are you talking about? Sven co-op made half-life 1 a run and gun mod that did not feel like Half-life at all. If I wanted a mindless running and gunning mod that look like the 90's, I would go play duke nukem or Quake 2. Maybe Sven could join us in 2009 instead of releasing things that would have been great IN THEIR TIME. To even compare Synergy and Sven Co-op Is like comparing Gordon Freeman to Master Chief. Synergy keeps the thrill and feel of half-life 2. Synergy is perfect. If i want to play a half-life Title Sven is not going to deliver what I want nor any other person who wants to play Half-Life Co-op; Ever! And if you want something that is "more competitive with Sven Coop" Your not going to find it here because they are 2 completely different mods gameplay style. Sven is arcade, and Synergy is co-operative. If synergy fall the level of Sven they will both lose my respect and support. Synergy for ever.

TyeTheCzar Feb 19 2009, 10:28am says:

IMO this game needs to be more competitive with Sven Coop.

This sentence lack all the criteria to be a real sentence and exudes a meaning people can understand.

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