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Feathery Dawn (view original)

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At last, I've finished it. I think I overdid the background D:. Anyhow, It's better than my expectation though (considering the time it takes to be done). It's a gift (I think?) to my friend (friend?) 'FarixsanQ' since he seems so desperate about not having enough of his OC (that was a joke). Nah, I'm just keeping my words, that's all.

This is an original character, Elena S. by 'FarixsanQ'

This should be the last piece that is done with this style. In another word, I'm thinking of revamping my style since I have had so much time during classes to practice it on a piece of paper lol. I've also got a few sketches coming up. They should be up by this Friday.


Tools: Sai, Photoshop