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Republic at War

Mod review

Videos and images cannot do Republic at War any justice! It's truly an example of artistic mastery and patient planning. One can NOT truly know mods and their potential without trying Republic at War. Several times I find my units left without a commander as I'm viewing the combat up close and in a daze of amazement at the sheer awesomeness! Where many conversion mods fall short, this one crucially exceeds many expectations! The only complaint I bear is the fact that the galactic conquest is extremely choppy and crashes alot. (And yes, my computer is only a few months old, and its components are what gamers drool over; so, my PC is not the issue here.) Even at that, it's one of my favorite mods, and I personally can't wait for v. 1.2 to be released! Try it out, and don't ever "forget your orders." (CIS joke) ;-)