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Undisputed_91 Dec 1 2014, 3:21pm says:

wow, so colourful! Kinda reminds you of the fun Sonic is about. Do hope we see more of this, either from you or if you're done with it hopefully you can pass the torch...this shouldn't go to waste :)

Also hope everything's OK with your life complications :)

+1 vote   media: Sonic Lost Adventure - SAGE 2014 Release Trailer
Undisputed_91 Dec 1 2014, 2:56pm says:

Hey, this looks like it has great mechanics and atmosphere, but from what I saw in the video maybe a touch-up in graphics and animations in the future wouldn't hurt?

+1 vote   game: Apex Genetics
Undisputed_91 Dec 1 2014, 2:38pm says:

Looks awesome! Particularly the atmosphere which you've got down to a T and which I think'll make the game really immersive.

+2 votes   article: LETHE - Alpha Gameplay Trailer
Undisputed_91 Jul 20 2014, 1:24pm says:

Nice work, Dekrayzis! Hope to see some of it soon :)

+1 vote   article: July 2014 - update
Undisputed_91 May 5 2014, 4:56am replied:

I don't think that's the case. At first it crashed when there were some explosions or something graphically intense, but in the next few plays it crashed even when I was just running fast(have not tested if it crashes from standing still for an amount of time). Still, it only happens on the first(green level) and I think the other one was the last one. The other two I've played start to finish and had no problems at all.

+1 vote   download: Sonic CB v2.0
Undisputed_91 Apr 19 2014, 2:47pm says:

Hey, great demo - I'm glad how much progress you seem to have made...Apart from that I seem to have a slight problem...on the first two selectable levels(I can't remember their names, sry) the game crashes with an unexpected error of some sort and terminates..any idea why...I played the last two levels with no issues whatsoever.

+1 vote   download: Sonic CB v2.0
Undisputed_91 Aug 10 2013, 2:05pm says:

Awesome model! It kinda reminds of the old Sonic time- you know, when they were younger and more you think it might clash a bit with Sonic's new lanky look...Also I'm guessing you used SatAM as inspiration and not Archie(since you mentioned you it's going to be non-Archie).

PS.When I look at it a bit more it also reminds me of the adventure games - when side-characters had development and personalities, not just pin-ups next to levels(I'm looking at you, Generations). Will Bunny have a role or lines in the game as opposed to standing around?

+1 vote   media: Bunnie Rabbot
Undisputed_91 Mar 22 2013, 2:51pm says:

Awesome! Just tried out...well...everything! And it's amazing - great work, guys! Apart from the cheap deaths and not always seeing where I'm going because of the speed(both related to the nature of the Unleashed game, and not the mod) I had a great time - it really refreshed a game I was almost bored with!... Just one do I get the Classic Sonic Homing attack - trying to get some of the red stars(or even passing a level) is nearly impossible without it(considering there's no 3D spindash either) would be a big help knowing what I have to do to get this skill!...Apart from that, thank you for your hard work :)

+2 votes   article: Sonic Generations - Unleashed Project 1.0 Released
Undisputed_91 Mar 12 2013, 10:39am says:

Whoa - looks amazing and from what I can tell you're not just porting them, but revamping them so they use the new gameplay style, right...this is gonna be awesome!

+1 vote   media: Mystic Ruins
Undisputed_91 Mar 9 2013, 4:03am replied:

Oh, sorry might be my mistake then...anyway just tried out 1.3 - It's awesome...really fast paced, modernized...and that It doesn't matter theme!!! Only gripes I have with it were a few accedental deaths(like trying to jump from rail to rail and flying off somewhere or same result with light speed dash), a few camera issues and only one major thing...towards the end you have a long section with a rail a trick ring and another rail...after the second rail if I don't jump at the right moment it flings me to a piece of metal or something and makes me miss the that on purpous?...Anyway these little issues didn't ruin it for me and you can tell a lot of effort was put into this...great job and thanks!

+1 vote   mod: Sky Rail
Undisputed_91 Jan 27 2013, 1:25pm replied:

Awesome! Are you using only Fleetway comics as inspiration, as in strictly non-Archie? And also is Sonic Generations making it easier for you to make progress(since there's finally something on the pc that's Sonic). And finally, how's your hand doing?

+1 vote   media: Building Section
Undisputed_91 Jan 11 2013, 3:51am replied:

Yeah it really does feel better, I even got to shoot...well, myself I guess(or my clones, actually :D)
The running and aiming is really polished for a game that hasn't released even a beta yet...I really feel like I'm ingame, rather than testing out something. You've done an awesome job and I can't wait to see more!

0 votes   game: Not Dead Enough (NDE)
Undisputed_91 Jan 9 2013, 4:43am says:

Just tried it our - apart from being mauled by clones of myself it looks and feels awesome. At first I thought camera is too wobbly when running and I hope that doesn't have a negative effect on the experience(I fear having the camera do that constantly can lead to the player feeling motion sickness or something), but truth be told apart from that it's spot on - I mean when you normally run it would be impossible to aim so you've hit the nail on the head with that. Though if there are motion sickness effects you could avoid them by making camera wobble less and combine it with crosshair wobble - that way you still can't aim while running, but you won't have screen problems. Apart from that little concern it really is a great work and it's boosted my confidence that you really are aware of how something like this should be made! Keep up the good work! :)

0 votes   game: Not Dead Enough (NDE)
Undisputed_91 Jan 8 2013, 2:36pm replied:

I'm not really familiar with what the character controller is. Is it something downloadable...?

0 votes   game: Not Dead Enough (NDE)
Undisputed_91 Jan 8 2013, 11:47am says:

Very impressive work...not to mention how fun it looks, but I've been meaning to ask are you just familiar and comfortable with the SRB engine or do you just like the game, becase as a formula the gameplay looks great for a 3D Sonic game and in a more modern engine it would be incredible...and from what I've seen Generations(or even SA) seem modable. I hope you don't take my question the wrong way, I'm just curious about you choice of engine.

All the Best!

+2 votes   mod: Sonic The Hedgehog The New Adventure
Undisputed_91 Jan 8 2013, 11:40am replied:

3.Some enemy/trap placement. My only problem is that I(and I suppose probably everyone) would like to see them coming, and a sollution to the problem is removing traps just after corners, turns or anywhere that the camera doesn't allow you to see OR that pop up when you're in 2D mode and kill your speed because you can't react fast enough.

4.Some Camera issues e.g. when I go through the boost pad before the freefall sometimes the camera gets stuck in the ground, but such problems are few and far apart.

5.It might be just me not seeing it, but is the whale really smashing the boardwalk or does it go through it with a little debris flying out and the boardwalk stays there(I realise this could just be a placeholder and unfinished, so I don't really count this as a remark, but more of a question)

I'm sorry for the long comment, but I really like your project and I hope this feedback is useful. If what I said offends you in any way I appologize, since that was not my intention. I'm only writing this in hope of helping you improve what is already a very impressive job! Wish you luck with further development!

+2 votes   mod: Sonic Adventure Generations
Undisputed_91 Jan 8 2013, 11:36am says:

Great level, just tried it out...I don't know if there are a lot of multiple paths, but the first few times I played I never felt it repeat itself...That said there are a few things that seemed strange:

1.Unlike Adventure, Sonic doesn't turn freely, which means that at high speeds he sometimes either flies off into the water, because he couldn't take the turn or bumps into an invisible wall. Now Invisible walls are great! They are all around in the main Generations game, but the problem I have is that I'm afraid to speed up, so I don't fly off somewhere, because I don't know there's and invisible wall there OR I think there is one and watch in awe as Sonic rockets off the edge. I hope you can somehow signal to players where there is and where there is not an invisible wall or just make them visible(e.g. "Chaos in Space" billboards or fences or something else that the player can see from afar and know he's safe to keep speeding).

2.There are some sections where it's great to use water for shortcuts or just running and sometimes if you fall in shallow water it's mandatory...however with the boost made to be so insignificant it sometimes causes you to lose momentum or just die. A solution to this is either making boost bigger so you can use it for more than a few steps(which I suppose you don't want to do) OR make Sonic able to run on water at top speed WITHOUT boost. That way you can still run on water and still keep boost low...AND a FINAL OPTION(no it's not Steven Segal) is to have skills e.g. you leve boost like in the main game and for those who want less boost(like the one now) you put a skill in the shop named(Adventure Boost/Limited Boost)... that way if people want to boost let them have their way, if not...let them have theirs too.

+2 votes   mod: Sonic Adventure Generations
Undisputed_91 Jan 8 2013, 11:13am says:

You know what's awesome...Bronies inspire people to do something - no one would have put effort into something like this if it weren't for ponies...I think that's the real message that the developer put into this game...Good job, bronies, good job!

+5 votes   game: The Anti-Brony Game!
Undisputed_91 Jan 8 2013, 11:02am says:

Hey there! Great concept and ideas, but it's true this hasn't been pulled off right until now...Take as much time as you need and don't rush anything even if you have to delay releases so you can reach its true potential...Wish you lots of luck with development!

+2 votes   game: Not Dead Enough (NDE)
Undisputed_91 Jan 8 2013, 10:59am says:

Great job on the level, I'd love to try it, however is there any chance we can get it on SonicGMI as it's much more user-friendly and easy ot undo when you want to revert back...Still either way what you've done is awesome!

+1 vote   mod: Sky Rail
Undisputed_91 Jan 8 2013, 10:56am says:

Looks incredible...Of course I hope it will control good, but it's very good see a horror game that banks on atmosphere and not just blood, gore and monsters. Hope we'll be able to try it out soon :)

+1 vote   media: In game screenshot
Undisputed_91 Jan 8 2013, 10:41am says:

This really reminds me of Rooftop Run...did you use that or any other level as inspirations for this?

+1 vote   media: Building Section
Undisputed_91 Jan 8 2013, 10:40am says:

This looks incredible...are the chances of a new demo or something coming out any time soon?...If not I guess I'll stick with the animations update for now :)

+1 vote   media: The Egg Beater
Undisputed_91 Sep 14 2012, 5:48pm says:

Now that looks like a hectic boxing game - maybe it's the little faster pace that other games are missing, but this looks very intense. Aside from that the art style reminds me somehow of ZenoClash(if the name rings a bell). Nice work all around...though I just hope there's going to be a tutorial or an easier enemy to start off with :D

+1 vote   media: Beast Boxing Turbo - Gameplay Preview #1
Undisputed_91 Sep 11 2012, 2:09am replied:

Amazing! You beat most of the AAA titles' marketing campaigns while being on vacation...I salute you, sir!

+1 vote   media: DIY Ethics FTW
Undisputed_91 Sep 8 2012, 9:44am says:

hahahaha too bad I'm not anywhere near those cities, but I'd totally go on a hunt for them! If you really did this, it's just pure awesome - I salute you! The only thing making me think you're joking is that the cities are kind of far from each other(or did you have business there anyway and decided to hide these too?)

+2 votes   media: DIY Ethics FTW
Undisputed_91 Sep 8 2012, 9:40am says:

I might be a little late to the party, but this looks awesome and if the Heroes levels missed a bit of the exploration theme of some SA stages, they sure were meant for speed! Awesome work reviving a game like heroes!

+1 vote   media: Seaside hill test 0.4
Undisputed_91 Aug 27 2012, 5:43pm replied:

Will do! ;)

+1 vote   game: 303 Labs
Undisputed_91 Aug 27 2012, 5:39pm replied:

heh, and something tells me getting to that high-score won't be a walk in the park :D

+1 vote   media: Cubic Climber Gameplay Demo
Undisputed_91 Aug 16 2012, 1:58pm replied:

You can bet I will and I can't wait to see what more you have in store for us trackers! :)

+1 vote   member: Undisputed_91
Undisputed_91 Jul 24 2012, 9:01am says:

Hey guys, I'm sorry to intrude as this is really not a game I've been tracking. I had a look at it(videos and media and such) and also the comments(especially about pricing). Please keep in mind this is an RPG type of game...these tend to be full of open ends and possibilities of "what happens if"...meaning you have different aspects of the game depending how you play it, and that demands a lot of work(especially from a modding team). If you compare with games like Limbo, which is linear and progressive through a set path you'll understand where I'm coming from. You program that set linear path, as opposed to RPGs that would have different possibilities. I am not planning on getting this game as I'm not into the genre, I'm just saying that for a modding team that actually completed such a large project it isn't very encouraging to call their work unworthy or the like. However for those who have limited funds(as I am also a person of such position and am not telling you to give this team your piles of money) you might want to ask the team(maybe in a personal message or a thread with all the people that can't afford this game) whether they would consider realeasing this cheaper in a bundle in the future. Just my 2 cents...All the Best, guys and girls!

-1 votes   article: Loren The Amazon Princess Released on Desura
Undisputed_91 Jul 23 2012, 1:16pm says:

The atmosphere is shaping up really well and that's the most important thing in such a game. I don't think people are tracking for the nudity, the sexual undertones remind me of 50s-60s(maybe later) horror movies and that's an accomplishment worth noting. Great work!

+4 votes   game: a classical survival horror
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