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Starting work on a new game in RPG maker VX Ace, im learning from my mistakes of my other game, and im going to actually put a lot of thought into the story, and how it unfolds. Also going to have alot of companions, each with their own story that will unfold if you look into it. I'm working on the very beginning, and am wondering if anybody could comment below with some ideas that they think would be cool in a game, so this game could be even better. In a few days i'll release a basic plot and some basic things that will be in. Either comment below with ideas or visit the forums when i get them put up.Thanks.

Also, PM me if you want to be a tester, it may be a while before it can be tested, but i would like to get who is testing established now. I'm hoping to have 2 or 3 testers, then release a closed beta for people who want to do that, maybe 10 people, then release an open beta.

Oh and i have an idea for I slightly smaller, cheaper (maybe free if Desura will allow it) game called GRIND.
The purpose of this game is to go into this HUGE dungeon, and just grind and grind until you think you can fight the final boss, you go to him and when you die, you get teleported back to the dungeon so you can grind some more. A simple game that could take forever to beat (depending on the difficulty). I might just work on this for a little while and then work on my other game. I will probably write the story for my "main" game while i make GRIND.

Tell me what you think in the comments.

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