i am true nightmare, i have made some custom maps for nazi zombies portable that most people seem to enjoy, i have also made some tutorials on how to make your own nazi zombies portable maps and even to play online with friends, feel free to add me on xbox live or skype or both, i am mostly a pc gamer but i do like to play other game types like the psp and a few xbox games i am a fan of minecraft and an even bigger fan of nazi zombies portable, on my youtube channel you will find all my tutorials and nazi zombies portable gameplays and im hoping sometime in the future i can made some minecraft videos as well and even lets plays my minecraft user name is turenightmare catch my youtube videos at www.youtube.com/user/turenightmare

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truenightmare 20hours 20mins ago says:

As long as this remains free to play and not pay to win I guess this is ok

+1 vote     article: Development and Gold Account
truenightmare Sep 1 2014, 5:26pm says:


+3 votes     media: Few more fixes (READ DESCRIPTION NAO!)
truenightmare Aug 28 2014, 10:53am says:

Not too bad for an alpha game, considering you gave us a decreasing food and water bar I was hoping you at least gave us some sort of function to eat and drink, neither of which I could find if you do have something like this, and here's a small tip. Don't have buttons that do nothing, if you wanna show their there because those function will be usable in the future have the buttons faded out with text in them saying incomplete or something like that. its kinda disappoint when you think there might be a story (no matter how small) then getting a coming soon message

I think this project could do well my only suggestions for the future of this game is much more customization features, ride-able animals (I say this because I saw a beer which I couldn't jump on and wanted to ride around, even if I can't control him) and hopefully your aiming to keep to more of the survival aspect of this game :)

hope to see more from you in the future :)

+2 votes     game: Live and Survive
truenightmare Aug 28 2014, 9:53am says:

that happened all the time back in ww2, why do you think so many died. not rocket launchers. they fell to there deaths

+1 vote     media: I wonder if they could do that in real ww2....
truenightmare Aug 5 2014, 5:13pm replied:

with that version it may not work with the current version of the game due to redstone updates :/

+1 vote     download: Passcode Lock (work in progress)
truenightmare Jul 9 2014, 9:38am says:

Now that I have a better computer, I may be-able to give this game a better review then I did last time, don't know how long it will take for me to make the video but going to :P

+1 vote     article: New Night Crisis Release!!
truenightmare May 29 2014, 8:51am says:

Happy birthday NZ:P your fresh delivery of brains will be arriving shortly

+3 votes     media: Happy Birthday, NZ:P!
truenightmare May 29 2014, 8:49am replied:

blubs, I think you missed a bug... xD

+4 votes     media: Happy Birthday, NZ:P!
truenightmare May 12 2014, 4:57pm replied:

Not a glitch, is called dolphin diving. double tap W or the forward direction to stand up

+1 vote     game: Nazi Zombies Portable
truenightmare May 5 2014, 1:05pm replied:

And you are again?

+1 vote     game: Nazi Zombies Portable
truenightmare Apr 29 2014, 7:07pm says:

I haven't posted a comment on this page in awhile...

*looks around*

well I got nothing...

+1 vote     game: Nazi Zombies Portable
truenightmare Apr 29 2014, 7:04pm says:

the only problem I saw in this video was the sniper taking up most of the centre of the screen, I use that area to see were I'm going when playing a first person shooter :P

+2 votes     media: Night Crisis Beta
truenightmare Apr 16 2014, 7:53pm replied:

I'm still gonna get that error :'(

+1 vote     game: Nazi Zombies Portable
truenightmare Apr 16 2014, 7:35pm replied:

A zoom feature would be much better

+1 vote     media: OpenRA Trailer
truenightmare Apr 14 2014, 6:07pm says:

So... I have always wondered... what happens when the player walks into the power up? Do they eat it?

+3 votes     media: Power ups!
truenightmare Apr 13 2014, 6:46pm says:

Nice... I'm guessing NZP and Cow are going to have this feature to?

+2 votes     media: Texture Based Lighting
truenightmare Apr 2 2014, 5:44pm says:

Looks more like an alien... please don't make extinction as a mode

+2 votes     media: Новые модели (Прочитайте описание!)
truenightmare Mar 25 2014, 6:38pm says:

Loving the way NZP is shaping up, Beta 1.1 was great but this looks so much better. Keep up the good work :)

+3 votes     media: New mg 42 and scoped kar animations
truenightmare Mar 12 2014, 8:26pm says:

From what we hear and see, it seems like the new update is going to be totally badass! :)

+3 votes     game: Nazi Zombies Portable
truenightmare Mar 5 2014, 5:57pm replied:

WOW something from Meaty that's not an insult... Now I've seen everything

+1 vote     game: Nazi Zombies Portable
truenightmare Feb 26 2014, 3:06pm says:

not sure if I asked this before but will there be controller support?

+1 vote     game: Survivor - Forgotten World
truenightmare Feb 25 2014, 12:24pm says:

I know exactly what this game needs, Its a revolutionary idea that nobody has ever though of! It will change the way we see gaming and will totally be an awesome addition :D

Zombies... This game needs zombies

+6 votes     game: Nazi Zombies Portable
truenightmare Feb 23 2014, 9:36am replied:

Yeah that's fine, just send the request on moddb. I friend everybody

+1 vote     game: Sonic And Friends Racing
truenightmare Feb 16 2014, 1:26pm says:

4: I'm a playable character!!!!! lol

0 votes     media: Small update(read the shite y0)
truenightmare Feb 15 2014, 8:27pm replied:

More information required, what have you installed? what have you done? was there mods installed before? what version of san andreas do you have (stream or disk)? what operating system do you have? can you even run san andreas in the first place? That last one is kinda an important one

+1 vote     mod: Left 4 Theft: San Andreas
truenightmare Feb 11 2014, 7:32am says:

Sounds like a good idea, its a shame I don't have a good connection or computer otherwise I would sign up :P

+2 votes     article: Big Team Tournament
truenightmare Feb 9 2014, 12:37pm says:

I'm still not sure what this game will be, will it be open world? or mission based?

+1 vote     game: The Night Crisis Project (Tactical Horror FPS)
truenightmare Feb 9 2014, 12:25pm says:

it seems like this is set in the driving school area but that wouldn't make sense with the other base right next to it

+2 votes     media: Capital Base
truenightmare Feb 7 2014, 5:20pm says:

I can't tell where this is located

+3 votes     media: Capital Base
truenightmare Feb 5 2014, 3:47pm says:

Here come the game map re-makes.... Next Up Mario :P

+2 votes     media: Fartcraft MP Map (WiP)
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