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New Game ideas

4 years ago by TrevOrear 0 comments

I just got bored so i decided to make a game idea
I will try to update it, but i am new at this. It is will be an MMOFPS game. It will feature Space station Assaults and BRUTAL multi front combat. And also a new VOIP that will let you choose to talk to your squad or your team. there will be three factions: The Western Coalition (W.C.) The Federation of Asian Countries (FAC), and a Guerilla Faction. I do not know what to call this faction yet. Also, the only NPC's are going to be civilians/civilian Militia. the militia is based on your faction's rep. So if you kill a lot of civilians, the next time that you are in the area, the civilians are against you. but if you help them liberate them, they will have random guerrilla attacks on enemy space stations. the space stations will be manned by actual players, and they can use supports such as EMP strikes, Rail gun artillary, and satillite. each station has there own little upgrade. the attacking party on the space station can either A) capture it or B) destroy it. please rate it so far

Help will be appreciated!!!!

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