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1 comment by torelli on Aug 5th, 2012


I'm back with some news.

Olaf's Demise - Until The Ending is now in progress.
I am almost finished with it and it's looking pretty good but i will release it in november or maybe even earlier.

I have been inactive for a while because i had a lot of stuff going on at the time but now im back and that's what matters!

If someone still wants some updating just comment and tell me what you think about this, what's your thoughts about me working on a second part of the Olaf's Demise trilogy?

// Torelli

Report abuse Olaf's Demise - Until The End

0 comments by torelli on Dec 12th, 2011

Hello everyone!

Today i have been fixing the prisonkey thing on Olaf's Demise and it went very well!
So.. i have startet a new projekt today, and it is the part two - Olaf's Demise - Until The End!

It's been a though day but i have been making much progress, so now you know, a part 2 is under construction! and it's awsome in my opinion.
Anyway, im so glad that you guys liked Olaf's Demise, i didn't thought it would be anyone downloading or even looking at it, but it seems like i was wrong!

So thanks!

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