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tonyshannon Jun 3 2009 says:

i gotta say that this mod was or rather is far better than episodes 1&2. thanks to whom ever it may concern for taking time out of your lives to let gamers like me (strung out waiting for the next decent game to be released)get their fix !!

+2 votes   mod: Half - Life 2: Calamity
tonyshannon Apr 29 2008 says:

I can not thank whomever is responsible for this mod enough. From all of you who spend countless hours putting these mods together, to your parents for having ya !! in all seriousness, getting nothing but praise in return for your work & sometimes negativity from others (who i guess have nothing else better to do but complain about things they get for free)is really apreaciated. this mod is just as good if not better than 80 percent of the games you buy on the market today. the blood thing & the shaking confused me in the begining but once i realized what was going on & got the hang of things, this mod is freakin AWSOME !! i hope you all excuse me for my rampage, i usually just download & play without any comments but i just had to put my 2 cents in for this one if you know what i mean. thanks again, & to all of ya out there who might be sayin "man this guy's gotta "Get a Life" well I got 1 !!

+4 votes   news: Get a Life : Patch v1.1
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