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DOTA HQ-Modding (2012) v2.1

Tonucki Blog 1 comment

## Warcraft III Modding for DOTA map ##
DOTA HQ-Mod by Tonucki
I have not an official website yet.
I will update latest news on Facebook for new version.

Thank to IceFrog, Inico, MiniMage, unwirklich, Hiveworkshop, Wc3c , Goblinacademy, Playdota
Many others have shared resource models and contributors

I have made it for 6 month for editing model heroes and creatures and check Original base balance for DOTA Maps.
It was built with more 8-9 programs to scratch and fix all model and textures elegantly.
Heroes in DOTA each of edit the Attachment, Sprites, Light Material, Replaceable ID, size, color, weapons, Camera, Animation, where skill Buff Debuff, and other

- You can use for some other maps ,that harmonize
- You can see any change of visual for your computer only.
- You'll be able to play with others people online that are using the original game. ( , Garena, TCGNetwork, and more you can.)

MOD v2.0 : Heroes Features
- more 100+ Hero Models
- portrait Camera Models
- spells and range missile of heroes (Mod v2 was Removed, Prepare for make better in Mod v3)
- Selection Circle
- Other textures
- Changed the terrain image on the surface and game console interface.

MOD v2.0 : Generals Features
- All Forest's Creep Models (not include Lane's creeps)
- More Minor Models in Game
- Roshan V2 Model
- Sentinel Tower and Scourge Tower
- Ballista with Glaive and Meat Wagon
- Gem of Truesight Model
- Some Animal Courier models
- Theme Menu Display
- Game GUI console Interface
- Terrain on the surface
- Fonts for Support all Languages (Mod v2 was Removed)

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