Well, I like mapping for GoldSrc games, and when I have the time, Source games. I'm currently learning how to use 3DS Max, and I'm pretty good at using SketchUp. I also like cake.

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That old mapping project from the last journal

TJB Blog

I decided to resume development of this map, as it looks like the most promising of all my abandoned projects. Unfortunately, the files seem to be missing from my computer. Here's hoping they'll show up.

I stopped progress last time as I was having difficulties making an environment that could be seen as realistic. A small, but medium to long range space vessel would need a power source and provisions for the crew and such. It grew overly complicated and so my work on the map petered out. I've figured out some ways to work around this, so if I find the files I will resume my work shortly.

My Latest Mapping Project

TJB Blog

Lately I've been working on a remake of an old map on TWHL, although at the moment I don't think I'll say what it is. And no telling Joe. Although so far I think it's going pretty well. It's the first map which I've ever really paid attention to lighting, and I'm hoping to add in a few things to increase the realism level.
So far, the map (as in brushwork and brush based entities) is about 45% done. Once the brushwork's done everything else should get done very quickly.


TJB Blog

Wally stopped working, although I don't know why. Every time I tried to use it to convert an image file it would just show up as a black image, so I had to do some researching to find another way to make .wad files. I came across the old way of doing it, upon which Wally is based, using Qlumpy and Makels, so I decided to try that. It took about an hour to figure out how to use it, and about another hour trying to find the cause of an error (I had made a typo when typing the name of one of the images and had given it an invalid character), but after I had figured this out it worked like a charm.
I doubt I'll be using Wally again for that even if I do get it to work.

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