I'm very much into all sorts of games, my favourite genre would have to be RPG and I love zombie games. There aren't enough of those type around which is a shame but eventually the best game ever will be released and it will be awesome :D

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Zelda Ocarina of time

thewisestgoat Blog

One of my all time favourite games, first out on the N64 but also re-done for the Gamecube when you bought Windwaker special edition, which was fricken awesome too.

So I've played it on both but I played it on the N64 many more times than the GC. The game itself is pretty huge, a huge action adventure game in which you span time. The first bit of the game you're a kid and then when you've completed the 3 dungeons you become a man, of course once you've learned the song of time you can switch back whenever you want resulting in a dramatic landscape change including loads of others things that are changed too.

There are loads of collectables that actually do stuff, like golden skultulas or heart pieces which make it more awesome. loads of items that are epic and can be upgraded...well most of them. My favourite has to be the mirror shield and the big goron's sword (hardest item in the game to gte, massively long winded to get it too!) Of course if you feel like taking a break from the main game you can always play the many mini games that change from kid to adult and or even go fishing, which is a time consuming yet cool way to spend your time.

It woudn't be Zelda without a horse and Epona is that horse, unfortunately there's no horse combat, you can fire your bow while on horseback but no melee, oh well.

So throughout the whole game the style of art and the graphics, while looking outdated now, were at the time fricken brilliant. The story is massive and takes quite a long time to get through (unless after the first 6-7 times you get a knack for where everything is...) but it is very rewarding. Boss fights att he end of each dungeon sees you having to face a new challenge, usually having to use a new item that you found in that dungeon to defeat it.

An awesome game that will forever be one of my all time favourites. If you haven't played it, then you should!

Dead Island

thewisestgoat Blog

Porbably the best zombie game to date, with 4 player co-op throughout the hole campaign and a little arena DLC as well, this game is certainly worth your time.

A kind of FPS ish game mainly melee weapons though, there are firearms; indeed one character is a gun specialist, however a headshot will not kill a zombie in one...it will kill a human in one, but once a human is a zombie they become immune to headshots...obviously. WHAT THE HELL!? They almost made this game 2000 times better by having an insta kill for headshots on zombies system to it, but no...it wont happen will it? They'll never say that killing a zombie in a game can only be done via a headshot. If anyone knows of a game where it's an insta kill with a headshot please tell me about it, i'd be very interested.

Anyway the campaing is pretty long, it's like 4 or 5 chapters and a heck-load of sidequests throughout the game. RPG elements such as levelling and upgrading weapons really adds to thie feel and awesomness of this game too.

I was leant this game by a friend when they bought it, as i had no money but really wanted to play through it. They wanted it back after 2 weeks and I had gotten through 87% of the game, so I had to wait till the coming christmas and then I played it through again with 2 of my friends, which was one of the best gaming experiences of my entire life. The co-op while it can be slightly laggy is generally really cool, trading items and all that is quite simple and you can "accidentally" kill your friends..ya know if they frive off without you on a quest or something :D

So yeah I think there's another DLC out but it's campaign....didn't really look too enthralling, anyone with an opinion on that could comment....I know next to nothing about it.

So in conclusion an awesome FPS/RPG zombie game, that has co-op and an arena mode and did I mention zombies? Get it, play it, love it :D

Youtube and stuff

thewisestgoat Blog

If you went and searched a game on YouTube right now you would get lots and lots of random people who have recorded 'lets play' videos. Many of these are just people who have some apre time however some might be trying to get to the internet fame heights of people such as the Yogscast or Tobuscus, trying to make videos so people will watch them and maybe get subscribers and so on.

What people are missing is an angle, a different, special, unique way of getting those views. The Yogscast has the shadow of Israphel, Tobuscus has his general craziness and the general 'lets players' have...nothing. Perhaps this is why they aren't as good, maybe they just need a lucky break I don't know.

Anyway what I wanted to ask people is what unique things I or perhaps others could do with their videos. I'm curious to see if anyone actually comments on this, it'd be awesome if you did and I would thank you muchly for it. So yeah any ideas people?

In other news Aliens Colonial Marines out in February 2013. Looks to be epic but such a long fricken wait XO.

Dead Rising 2

thewisestgoat Blog

As a zombie game you would expect lots of zombies and zombie killing. This game supplies all that and many silly ways of killing the zombie menaces and as such is not quite as serious a game even though you are trying to get medicine to keept your daughter alive, you can just let her die and get on with the zombie killing...not that I would do that or anything...

The story is kind of plain and meh-ish, it's a very irritating kind of game given that you only have 3 days to play and then game over. Some achievments are ridiculous like killing 72000 zombies within that time limit. I would prefer it if it was more open and not timed but whatever, that's just what kind of game it is.

The gameplay is quite good with the combat system very simple and cool, with food as the healing item, at times it can be irritating if you can''t find any or if you can only find rotten food or alcohol as drinking too much of that makes you puke up everywhere for a while which is very annoying.

The inventing weapons by combining things together is really awesome some very cool weapons can be made and used very effectively against the zombie scum. One thing I would say about it is the annoying system of guiding people back to the safe zone they can be very irritating when they don't follow you closely enough or you accidentaly hit them and they defect and start trying to kill you...that shouldn't happen at all.

Another annoying aspect is the co-op. Only online and the saved files can be very easily glitched as one player hosts while the other joins. I started playing with my friend and although i have a seperate save file for my co-op character I never have any of my stuff when we reload after starting from the last save. Very irritating but at least it has co-op.

On the whole a very good zombie game but not quite as serious as the likes of left 4 dead or dead island, certainly worth a buy if you're into zombie games :D

Dead Space 2

thewisestgoat Blog

This was the first of a set of games that I played only at night time with headphones on at very loud volume...I was made to jump quite a lot and had lovely dreams about necromorphs for a while afterwards, so totally worth it!

Anyway I got this for the Xbox360 like a lot of my games, and I hadn't played the first one before. A friend told me that this was better than the first one anyway and I do plan to play through the first one at some point if I can get it cheap enough, anyway the fact that I knew very little about the first didn't really affect the gamelplay at all. Any little story elements carried over are pretty much explained so you're not missing out much if you haven't played the first like me.

This is a pretty cool horror/sci-fi/shooter game which is an awesome combo in itself. There are also puzzle elements to it which are mostly really kick ass. The weapons system (mainly aiming) is reminiscent of Resident evil 4 onwards which is another cool point really. The weapons are all upgradeable and can be pretty gruesome, my favourite is the spear launcher thingy as you could stick enemies to walls and rip off limbs and heads etc.

Quite a long game (kinda) it's on 2 disks which is always a bonus, it has very good replayability as it has a new game + option which I was going to start last night but I got distracted with dredmore...curses.

If you are into horror shooters then you should certainly have a go at this game as it's just awesome :D


thewisestgoat Blog

A generally awsome action/adventure/puzzle game that has a lot of gore and hordcore awesomeness. So for those of you who don't know, you play as one of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse- War.

The game is pretty big, it's not an open environment as it's not that kind of game, that said you can revisit levels again to get secrets that can only be got once you've got an item from later on in the game which is an annoying/good touch. Tracking back involves a long walk and lots of hacking at little enemies which are just a mild irritation as you progress further in the game.

The puzzles are almost reminiscent of Zelda puzzles but just really long winded. That's not to say I don't appreciate and enjoy them, they just kind of get on your nerves after a while, they are usually rather easy to do but just really long winded and therefore time consuming and annoying. Some are quite clever and cool so I approched the puzzles with mixed feeling really.

The combat is pretty cool, as you can get loads of different items and weapons you can try out each to see how well they fare against certain enemies, some are not very effective at all while others seem to be super effective.

So I got this game about 3 motnhs ago and have got to the final level, which is huge and filled with very long and big light puzzles which involve portals, I managed to do one and then I was clueless and gave up, I'll get back to it at some point as Darksiders 2 comes out very soon which seems really awesome and you play as Death in that one.

Anyway I really enjoyed what i did play of it even though it did irritate me at times, I'll say more once I finish it though :D

Dungeons of Dredmore

thewisestgoat Blog 1 comment

I have clocked quite a few hours on this game, quite a few. I really love the turn based movement/combat system I have other games that are similar to that. For example Pokemon mystery dungeon for the gameboy advance and ds, but also this really weird, cheap game for the PS2 called Eternal Quest.

Anyway back to dredmore, although I have played for hours I have yet to finish the game and defeat Dredmore...however I have been to the land of the penguins, a weird alternate dimension in which really tough enemies dwell. There's so much going on in the game that every now and then I'll find something completely new and different and weird, only after playing for well over 10 hours did I realise loads of mods were available and have to say well done to those guys who have made the mods.

One of my favourites is the coldness class thingy, which gives you cold based attacks and things, I don't see why that isn't actually in the game, the main game I mean. But yeah loads of mods that are awesome, other good ones are ones that add more phrases for the eneimies to say, a great idea that works well and is veru funny most of the time.

But yeah this game has everything you could want really, enchanting, crafting, levelling up, shops, secrets, potions, a load of items and loads of weapons and magic too. Generally awesome all around but with the added feature of comedy too this game has to be one of my favourites of all time especially as it's so addictive; I can sit and play for hours on end before I have to go do something else.

I would certainly reccommend it to those who like a kind of RPG-ish hack and slash-ish game. It's available on steam and desura I believe and I don't think it's too expensive either. There's one DLC that you have to pay for but the other is free which is awesome, but then free stuff usually is isn't it?

Now apparently people actually read these blogs which is really cool (thanks) and I know loads of people probably advertise crap and shtuff on here too...if you'd like to watch some video games being played then look for YeOddLot on Youtube. My friends and I made it a while back and we were all supposed to post vids of games up every now and then, but it's pretty much just me posting them, so if you want to see some stuff (the video quality isn't great in some as I was going through some annoying editing issues etc) but it's somewhat amusing I would imagine :D

Dark Souls

thewisestgoat Blog

So the much anticipated sequel to Demon Souls is fricken difficult! I got it a fair few months after it was released so the price wasn't too bad, again I got it on the xbox360.

It all started out horribly, the tutorial levels were ok and it was all going well until I took a very wrong turn and ended up in the swamp when I was like level 7. If you aren't familiar with the game the swamp is a horrible place filled with never ending poisonous thingies. there's the swamp water itself which slowly poisons you, the wasps of doom (just a nickname) that sting and poison (just a note; they never stop spawning!), then you've got the weird tribey people who shoot you with toxic darts...add on top of that giant leeches and weird bug things that breath and poop fire and not a nice place.

It was not until a few weeks later when a friend of mine started playing it that I saw where I went wrong and began playing the actual storyline which isn't very clear at all y the way! So I have progressed somewhat and that's all cool but I'm stuck on a nasty boss who's backed up by evil dogs. Needless to say I've taken a very long break from that game!

It's good fun if you know what you're doing and don't mind dying over and over :D

The witcher 2: Assasins of kings

thewisestgoat Blog

So I borrowed this game on the xbox360 from a friend of mine who really loved it. I've been playing for a while and am level 20 however I get stuck sooo much!

While it's a really awesome RPG game with interesting plot and storyline developments, with great RPG aspects (levelling up a main one there) I feel that it is somewhat lacking in the quest department. that's not to say a lack of quests, merely a lack of explanation of the quests. I know what I have to do but whether or not I can get to the location is another matter as the objective markers and the map system is just awful! one of the worst maps i've ever seen in a game, this has severly impeded my play of this game and has forced me now to sit with a walkthorugh guide to know what the hell to do and where to go.

If a game forces you to do this then I think they have really not done their testing all that well, Either that or i'm really stupid, which could be a reason...I suppose. I thought that during the game testing period they ask the testers about all aspects, how none of them picked up on the terrible map and quest locations is beyond my capability to percieve!

In any case i certainly am enjoying the game but I wish there was a more frequent auto-save as well since I tend to die a lot and end up reloading 30minutes of game play back. Very irritating game but also very big and very good.

I'd recomend this game to anyone who likes RPG's and isn't afraid to give up when the going gets tough, because that happens a lot in this game.

Project zomboid

thewisestgoat Blog 1 comment

Soooo just bought project zomboid on Desura, been playing for about an hour and annoying error message popped up. I'll presume this was like a random thing, I mean I guess the games still in Alpha so meh pretty much.

There's loads of stuff that I still don't have a clue about in that game though, for example how on Earth do you start fires? Presuming you can of course? What button is it to shoot/hit a zombie? Yeah mega noob here but I have to say this is one awesome and very big game, I can't wait for it to be multiplayer :D

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