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Game Review on Nov 12th, 2013

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Project Zomboid
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Game Review on Jun 25th, 2013

This game is absolutely AMAZING, there are so many thing that make this game. One of the great things is definately the atmoshpere the game gives off, while palying you will hear ambient noises like the birds & sometimes hear things like helicopters flying overhead or guns firing off in the distance. The best thing is that the guns and helicopters actually have an effect on the game, they will drive hordes of zombies away from certain areas that you may then lott. Another great thing about the game is just how well they got the formula right, You have to battle simple things like Hunger, Thirst, & not getting infected, Not only that but you also have to deal with things like boredom, panic, stress, sleep, and being tired as in running will exhaust you, same with hitting with your weapons. This game deserves 10/10 mainly because of how well it was excecuted and how good the design was. I hope that everyine reading this at least tries the demo(It's in an earlier build) Anyways, Happy Dying!

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