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TheRealJojo Oct 28 2015 replied:

Especially when half of your team suddendly calls it quits after the modding community tells them that their work is worth pretty much nothing, and make death threats if you ask for 1$ in return for six months work (this didn't happen to us, but to a colleague).

This is a little off-topic, but still: The myth that mods and modding is all about passion and fun - and thus, people have a "right" to have it and creators have no right to be rewarded but are obliged to deliver and this as quick as possible, is ********. In the end, the whole shitstorm that resulted from the idea of paid mods damaged the community more than the idea itself.

If the community wants big mods for free, it has to wait until the people who developit it (and who are willing to put a shitload of their lifetime into it for free... Truth be told, those people are only a few) are done. ;)

At the end of the day, achieve the best possible quality is our main goal. Our philosophy is, if the quality fits, it doesn't really matter whether Enderal comes a year later as scheduled. You can't make a great game without having a great time while you're doing it.

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TheRealJojo Oct 2 2015 says:

Hi guys,
nice work!
You should invert the normal maps of the walls. The shading and the directional material is rendered in the wrong direction. :)
The normal vectors in the Creation Engine are encoded by colors in another way than in Unity.

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TheRealJojo Dec 3 2014 replied:

Don't count your chickens before they're hatched. ;)
There is a top 100 voting and we have something up one's sleeve.

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TheRealJojo Dec 23 2013 replied:

But no one goes to moddb for Skyrim mods. They use the Bethforum or Nexus and only goes for voting to moddb.

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TheRealJojo Dec 15 2013 replied:

Thanks for pointing that out! It was a typo indeed - So many news lately! :-)

I think Endralean has a nice ring to it, especially once you hear it spoken. It isn't pronounced Endra-lian, but En-drah-la-yen. Does that make sense?

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TheRealJojo Dec 10 2013 replied:

There are no undead, but something similar ... ;)

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