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Theon Nov 10 2014, 9:57pm says:

Amazing news!

+2 votes   article: Daggerfall Tools for Unity - Time & Space and More
Theon Oct 14 2014, 9:33pm says:

Love both how it looks and how it sounds!

+3 votes   article: Introducing Red:OuT, a spiritual sequel to F-Zero
Theon Oct 14 2014, 9:27pm says:

Looks wondeful.

+1 vote   media: Ratz Instagib 2.0 Teaser 1
Theon Oct 7 2014, 9:46pm replied:

Then I'll be looking forward to that, Thomas.

+2 votes   article: Greenlight, Optimizations, Kickstarter Prep
Theon Oct 7 2014, 10:17am says:

Absolutely love the colours and low-poly aesthetics!

+2 votes   article: Early Access and future plans
Theon Oct 7 2014, 10:11am replied:

Fez, Braid and Limbo?

I'll totally buy your game when you come to your senses and make an action platformer out of these wonderful assets.
The music is also absolutely fantastic(!)

+1 vote   article: Greenlight, Optimizations, Kickstarter Prep
Theon Oct 6 2014, 9:04am says:

Wow, this is some quality art-work!

Too bad you're wasting it on a puzzle game - No one ever liked puzzle platformers, friends.

+1 vote   article: Greenlight, Optimizations, Kickstarter Prep
Theon Sep 13 2014, 9:25am says:

It's hard to judge by the footage, but the combat looks like it really needs some work. It looks very static.

That said, the visuals are impeckable. Absolutely stunning.

+1 vote   article: “The Tale of Three” on Indiegogo!
Theon Sep 2 2014, 9:48am says:

Looks great! Thanks a lot for the hard work!

+4 votes   article: Update 05 Lotfe is released and it's downloadable!
Theon Aug 28 2014, 4:04pm replied:

That video manages to give me Spyro and Banjo vibes at the same time, so you're definetly doing something right there!
Keep up the good work!

+1 vote   article: 3D Platforming in the Icy Prehistoric Era
Theon Jul 6 2014, 1:53am replied:

No, he's right.
The music and the graphics are so ******* amazingly well done, and it's sad to see it all be put together to what amounts to little more than CS with a CTF mode.
Whenever I see the first trailer, I always find myself imagining what great things that world could have been used for.

I hope the talented people behind this mod at some point realize what huge potential they sit on, and make a game worthy of it.

+15 votes   article: NEOTOKYO on Steam
Theon Jun 28 2014, 8:27am says:

This might not be what you're looking for, but I have an idea for "nerfing" the teleporter, without making it any less powerful:

What if you have have the teleporting projectile's hitbox transfer damage x2 to the player who shot it?
The hitbox is smaller than a normal player hitbox, so it should be hard to hit, but if you get a perfectly aimed railshot at it, you might instantly kill your opponent.
The teleporter still remains as versatile as ever, but if used unskillfully, might be you your doom?

As always, I love what I'm seeing. So wonderful to finally have the arena FPS genre being worked at again!

+1 vote   article: Telos Development Video Update 005 - Stabbing, Exploding, and Teleporting
Theon Jun 25 2014, 5:18am says:

The attack animations have no impact at all. You need to make the interpolation a curve with a "bounce" or something to make it look like there's weight behind the attack.

Other than that it looks interesting.
Keep up the good work.

+1 vote   article: GIFs, Idle animations, new levels and improvements!
Theon Jun 14 2014, 8:39am says:

Got to love the weapon designs!

Theon Jun 8 2014, 5:18am says:

That is some amazing music.

+2 votes   article: News Update #45: Operation Tonga (D-Day Part 3/3)
Theon Jun 2 2014, 3:28am says:

Looks pretty cool, but it would instantly be thrice as good with a first persion viewport.

+1 vote   article: Blood & Mana - Looking For Beta Testers
Theon Jun 1 2014, 5:37am replied:

And copying is copying. What's your point?
It's not like the people who made Quake are the ones getting your money anyway.

+3 votes   article: Metal Monstrosity
Theon May 31 2014, 6:36am says:

Dang, this looks amazing!

Can we disable profiling, though? I hate having my stats be stored and publically available - It just makes every match seem "important", and it leaves too little room for casual play.

+1 vote   article: Intruder Tactics Breakdown 001: Distraction
Theon May 30 2014, 6:29am says:

Reminds me a little of Worlds (, which I think is amazing, so that's all good.

Good luck!

+3 votes   article: Hi ! Nice to meet you !
Theon May 30 2014, 6:26am says:

Ai ai ai ai ai boff

Looks pretty neat - except for the mother, who looks very out of place, and kind of ruins the atmosphere.

+2 votes   article: Among the Sleep Released!
Theon May 29 2014, 6:34am buried:


Or, you know, just head on over to Piratebay.
It's not like id does anything good with the money they get these days, anyway.
Also, it's only like 32MB or something.

-16 votes   article: Metal Monstrosity
Theon May 29 2014, 5:52am says:

Looking neat!
The perspective reminds me of Boktai.

+3 votes   article: Claiming Xodius - Early Release
Theon May 28 2014, 2:50am says:

So, is this a new Quake map? Why is it posted under general news for Quake?
I'm confused, but it looks neat.

+1 vote   article: Metal Monstrosity
Theon May 24 2014, 2:16am says:

Oh man, looks cool.

+3 votes   article: Legacy - The Vertical Slice
Theon May 9 2014, 10:02am says:

That looks insanely cool.

+1 vote   article: Insanity's Blade Gameplay Trailer Launched!
Theon May 9 2014, 9:46am says:

Oh man, it looks just as fun as I imagined it!

I hope you add some hitscan weapons as well, though.

+1 vote   article: Telos Development Video Update 003 - First Weapon!
Theon May 6 2014, 12:11pm says:

Always love to see new art by you. So clean and mysterious.
Keep up the good work!

+2 votes   article: Crafting Somewhere VIII
Theon May 5 2014, 10:44am says:

I love the graphical style, but what the hell? Who in the world likes QTEs??

+1 vote   article: Chilie on Desura
Theon May 4 2014, 3:00am says:

Just get on Greenlight proper, already, like everyone in aggydaggy has been telling you to do.
It looks lovely, and will have my vote.

+2 votes   article: Progress updates, Greenlight and early gameplay video! :3
Theon Apr 26 2014, 8:30am says:

Conker 2? Well, that was about time!

+3 votes   article: Clive Kickstarter Launch
Theon Apr 14 2014, 6:18am says:

I absolutely adore the tiles and sprites.
Don't like the idea of "semi-random" levels, though - You could make a stunning metroidvania with these assets and abilities.

+1 vote   article: Special Abilities, Defense Abilities & Perks
Theon Apr 4 2014, 1:38am says:

Notch already made a simple 2D version of Minecraft, called Minicraft:

It doesn't look anywhear near as good or complete as this, but it's worth checking out.

+1 vote   article: Work continues on the user interface! Crafting, inventory & Structure Building!
Theon Mar 29 2014, 1:23pm says:

This looked extremely cool...all the way up until the point where it was revealed as a tower defence game.
No one likes tower defence. What a waste of time and talent.

+1 vote   media: Spark Rising Trailer 2
Theon Mar 26 2014, 3:11am says:

I absolutely love the sense of speed here.
Good work!

+1 vote   article: Nelo is Switching to Unreal Engine 4
Theon Mar 22 2014, 2:05pm says:

Is this...
Can it really be??

I was CERTAIN this game had died, and it broke my ******* heart.
Please keep up the good work!!!

+1 vote   article: Brenia, Village of the Last Wizards
Theon Mar 12 2014, 1:14pm says:

That's a terrible trailer. Doesn't look the least bit fun.

+2 votes   article: Vote for Don't Move on Steam Greenlight!
Theon Mar 3 2014, 8:30pm replied:

The pleasure is all mine!
Thanks for putting this much effort into reviving my favourite kind of game genre - and with such talent!

It warms my heart to see all the postive feedback you're getting on the greenlight page. Embrace our love and keep up the good work ;D

+1 vote   article: [Greenlight] Freezeme on Steam Greenlight!
Theon Mar 3 2014, 5:10pm says:


+1 vote   article: [Greenlight] Freezeme on Steam Greenlight!
Theon Feb 6 2014, 5:03am says:

You've captured that Lunar Industries-look of white and orange extremely well. Love the looks of it.
I hope the game has a great story to compliment the aesthetic beauty of it - and no actual spookaboo monsters.

+1 vote   article: Caffeine Pre Alpha Gameplay Update + 1080p
Theon Feb 2 2014, 3:49pm says:

Love the looks of this!

+2 votes   article: New video !
Theon Jan 26 2014, 1:25am says:

My love for this thing grows fiercer with every video!

I think I saw a flip-jump in there as well?
The more jump moves the better - keep up the good work!

+1 vote   article: Update 01/25
Theon Jan 24 2014, 4:17am replied:

This is why we can't have good things.

Good things take time, buddy.

+4 votes   article: New Overgrowth a205 video devlog
Theon Jan 21 2014, 9:59am says:

Ooh, this looks sweet.
Do I sense a tingling inspiration from Teknopants?

+1 vote   article: Paperbound multiplayer at Winter Gamefest 2014
Theon Jan 21 2014, 9:53am says:

Looks beautiful!

+1 vote   article: Inexistence on Desura !
Theon Jan 21 2014, 9:38am says:

Looks pretty fun.
Looking forward to trying it out.

If you're interested, I could try and redo the artwork for you.
If you don't plan on making any profit on the game, I wouldn't
mind doing it for free.

I'm no amazing artist, but I'd do what I can.

+1 vote   article: Mansionvania due to release
Theon Dec 22 2013, 7:11pm says:

Looking great as always.
Particularly love the flip-jump.

+1 vote   article: Camera System
Theon Dec 20 2013, 7:43am says:

Looking amazing as always.

+2 votes   article: Freerunning and Physics
Theon Dec 5 2013, 8:20am replied:

Sounds sweet!
Keep up the good work - Will be rooting for ya'

+1 vote   article: Development Update #8 - Visual Effects
Theon Dec 5 2013, 3:57am says:

Insane progress!
I'm extremely hyped for this game - Still, please take your time - the more content the better.

I wouldn't make the time-stopping gimmick the main feature of the game, though. The platforming and exploration seems more than sufficient to stand on its own legs, and stand taller that way.

0 votes   article: Update 03/12
Theon Dec 5 2013, 3:55am says:

I absolutely love the sprites and tiles.
Good work.

I hope you'll make this an expansive world, worthy of exploration.

+1 vote   article: Development Update #8 - Visual Effects
Theon Sep 30 2013, 8:19am says:

Man, I can't believe no one has commented on this!
It looks sweet! :D

Do keep up the good work, and please add more JUMPS!

+2 votes   media: FreezeME - Introduction to Mechanics
Theon Sep 10 2013, 6:19pm says:

I love you guys.

+1 vote   article: Legions: Overdrive 9/10 update: New Maps and Features
Theon Aug 17 2013, 5:24pm says:

But have you fixed it yet?

+4 votes   article: ORION: Dino Horde - Steam Free Week Event (+75% off!)
Theon Aug 6 2013, 6:02pm says:

You're a damned hero, man.
Very hyped.

+4 votes   article: Dev Log 003 - 1337 Lighting
Theon Aug 4 2013, 7:31pm says:

Worst trailer ever.

+7 votes   article: Stone Rage goes Crowdfunding
Theon Aug 3 2013, 8:01am says:

Looking good, but why the horrible framerate?

+2 votes   article: New Deferred Renderer and Physics Engine - StaudSoft's Synthetic World
Theon Aug 2 2013, 8:38pm replied:

I love you. Those were excactly the kind of words I wanted to hear.

+3 votes   article: Guns of Theory - 0.1a Download
Theon Aug 2 2013, 7:48pm replied:

>DRM free and cost nothing to start playing
>cost nothing to start playing
Oh ****, don't tell me you're going the P2W-road?
Well, there's all my hype down the drain.

+2 votes   article: Guns of Theory - 0.1a Download
Theon Aug 2 2013, 7:47pm says:

Looks really damn amazing!
That first-person rolling will take some getting used to, I suppose, but man does it look fun.

+3 votes   article: Guns of Theory - 0.1a Download
Theon Aug 2 2013, 12:03pm says:

Why is the framerate so horrid?
It look completely unplayable.

+3 votes   article: A classical survival horror HD trailer
Theon Jul 13 2013, 12:12pm says:

Looks damn cool.

+2 votes   article: Operation Smash Released!
Theon Jul 12 2013, 7:50pm says:

The gameplay looks pretty sweet.
Head over to tigsource and see if any artists are willing to team up with you - There are people with serious talent (and lots of free time on their hands) over there.

+1 vote   article: Final Build (-ish)
Theon Jul 6 2013, 10:57am says:

A 32-bit engine limited to a 16-bit colour template playing 8-bit sound effects? Seems a
The characters and the backgrounds don't seem to blend very well either.

That said, the background looks good.

+1 vote   article: Little Sound Design Journey
Theon Jul 6 2013, 10:52am says:

Aaand still no sign of the promised modding API.

Nothing to see here folks.

+12 votes   article: Minecraft 1.6.2 Pre-release
Theon Jul 5 2013, 7:08am says:

This is probably the most retarded thing I've seen all day.

+2 votes   article: Meibi Games Submitted to App Store!
Theon Jul 2 2013, 6:40pm says:

True heroes. Commendable as ****.

+12 votes   article: FOnline: 2238 source released
Theon Jun 21 2013, 10:16am replied:

I'm sorry, Liman. Didn't mean to be douchebag.
As I said, the game mechanics and the graphics (apart from the protagonist) look lovely.

+2 votes   article: Deo is now out on Desura
Theon Jun 21 2013, 9:50am says:

I think the graphics and game mechanics look marvellous. To copy-paste Spyro is a good thing in my book.
Yet, the levels and environments look a little bland and uninspired in the video, and the character design is the worst I've ever seen.

Still, might buy it because I loved the **** out of Spyro.

+3 votes   article: Deo is now out on Desura
Theon Jun 11 2013, 9:01pm says:

I hear Doom sounds.

+1 vote   media: Snorms - Gameplay
Theon Jun 10 2013, 8:22am says:

Seemed very good up until the ****** wubwub began.

0 votes   article: Futuridium EP is finally done!
Theon Jun 4 2013, 10:31pm replied:

Also, do you get a Steam key for preordering (provided the game is Greenlit, of course)?

+2 votes   article: Tower of Guns Gameplay Preview
Theon Jun 4 2013, 10:29pm says:

Looks really neat. Would love to be able to carry more than one weapon, though. Adapting to situations with various weaponry was part of what made Cave Story so good, and seeing as you've already added the levelling system of that game... ;)

+2 votes   article: Tower of Guns Gameplay Preview
Theon Jun 3 2013, 8:24pm says:

Keep up the good work! :D

+7 votes   article: Pokémon3D version 0.33
Theon May 23 2013, 10:18am says:

First time hearing about this, and i must say I'm impressed!
Very much looking forward to play this :D

+2 votes   article: 5/21 Update - Shield core, demo drop, map competition announcements
Theon May 19 2013, 5:29pm says:

Doesn't look at all shabby. Interested.
Does it sport a split-screen multiplayer mode?

+1 vote   article: OCEAN CITY RACING Is Now Out For $4.99 on Desura
Theon May 19 2013, 5:26pm says:

OH MY, your music-guy is like the next Jeremy Soule.
I'm stunned.

+4 votes   article: Luftahraan Update #9 (Really this time) - 19/05/2013 (Dungeons)
Theon May 18 2013, 12:58pm says:

Wow, this actually looks really good!

+1 vote   article: PULSAR: Lost Colony - Weekly Update (and new screenshots)
Theon May 15 2013, 1:51pm says:

Looks purty cool!

+1 vote   article: Compromised adds Multiplayer in latest update!
Theon May 8 2013, 11:52am says:

What? You're just going to throw away all the work you've put into this?
Sound slike a massive waste :<

0 votes   article: De/Ascend - Released
Theon May 6 2013, 12:47pm says:

You've got my greenlight vote.

+2 votes   article: Boss Preview + Graphical Revamp
Theon May 3 2013, 6:25am says:

Incredibly interesting concept!
Will be watching!

+2 votes   article: Q&A For Skyward Collapse (Plus New Screenshots)
Theon Apr 30 2013, 2:15pm says:

Your screenshots look a bit blurred. Using GM? There are certain lines of code you can inject to remove the blurred pixel-effect.
Like the sprites and tiles, but completely black outlines don't work well with a dark background.

+1 vote   article: The Dream King - 4-Player Coop Metroidvania
Theon Feb 20 2013, 3:09pm says:

This looks absolutely ******* stunning.
Now, if you only add some real platforming-moves (double-jump, cartwheels, wall-jumps, etc.) and add enemies and objects that can be picked up, stomped, thrown and bounced around, you'll have the perfect game. I'd pay anything.

The combat looks rather lackluster right now... But I have hopes. Great hopes.

+1 vote   article: Woodle Tree Released on Desura
Theon Feb 18 2013, 10:23am says:

Looks wonderful.
Not a fan of motion-controls, but I appreciate the effort.

+2 votes   article: Wiimote Demonstration & New Level
Theon Feb 17 2013, 3:15pm says:

Are you, by any chance, the same guys who made Eclipse (the HL2-mod)?
Because the gameplay mechanics were pretty much the same (apart from the terraforming), and I ******* loved it.

+3 votes   article: Son of Nor: Official Video Overview
Theon Feb 16 2013, 5:01am says:

Sounds absolutely wonderful!
Keep up the good work.

+3 votes   article: Network Security - Built in since day one.
Theon Jan 25 2013, 11:11am says:

>Up to 4 entries per person.
Why limit entries for a contest with no prize?
Oh, well.

+1 vote   article: Painting Art Contest!
Theon Jan 4 2013, 9:28am says:

Looks amazing!
Keep up the good work!

+1 vote   article: Early Beta Release
Theon Dec 12 2012, 7:36am replied:

Someone never played Morrowind.

The combat we've seen so far could benefit from more impact (and a 1st-person view), but the game as a whole does not look bad, and I love how pretty it's becoming.

+3 votes   article: Dynamic weather and seasons in Gloria Victis.
Theon Dec 12 2012, 7:35am says:

Not that I don't appreciat the work you've done here (the game is looking sweet so far), but I must confess I'm no fan of target-lock-on. A 1st-person view would be much better, in my opinion.

+1 vote   article: New Cameras and Target System
Theon Dec 10 2012, 6:08am says:

Starting to really shape up I see!
Good work; keep it up!

+4 votes   article: Work Continues
Theon Dec 10 2012, 1:31am says:

I just saw your trailer, and I'm stunned.
I had no idea Game Maker was capable of such things.


+1 vote   article: SkullS demo v1.5
Theon Dec 10 2012, 1:28am says:

That skeletal army convinced me; I need this.
The artistic design is simply amazing.

+2 votes   article: Legend of Dungeon Kickstarter and greenlight update
Theon Dec 3 2012, 7:13am says:

You're insanely good at world-creation and mapping.
I'm blown away by the beauty.

My German is rather terrible, but I gather that the game will have multiple endings depending on player choices/activity along the journey, and that there is no clear division between good and evil; That all moral choices are of varying tones of gray?
I certainly hope that's what I'm hearing, because this sounds ridiculously marvellous.

Keep up the good work!

+3 votes   article: Interview and first Video-Material
Theon Dec 1 2012, 2:41am replied:

That might very well be, but Overgrowth already has splitscreen multiplayer, so for PVP it would be excellent.
Also, do not underestimate Wolfire's talents for coding ;p

+8 votes   article: New Overgrowth a194 video devlog
Theon Dec 1 2012, 2:38am says:

I wasn't even aware there was a PC port! :O
brb, piratebay

-2 votes   article: Finished... almost
Theon Dec 1 2012, 1:01am replied:

A moving platform arena would be fantastic.

+6 votes   article: New Overgrowth a194 video devlog
Theon Nov 14 2012, 10:22pm says:


+1 vote   article: Xmas 2012 Mapping Contest
Theon Oct 29 2012, 5:34am says:

Oh. OH.
Both writing and voice-acting is absolutely ******* excellent.

+4 votes   article: Triptych Demo has been released!
Theon Oct 29 2012, 5:30am says:

Actually looks pretty damn cool.
The netcode needs to be really solid for that kind of movement not to be completely ****** by a little lag, though...

+2 votes   article: New Abnormals Demonstration Trailer!
Theon Oct 22 2012, 6:34am says:

LOVE the water-reflection.
This BETTER be Link's Awakening 2, as far as gameplay and feeling of exploration goes.

+2 votes   article: Anodyne News 10-21-12, IGF and more!
Theon Oct 19 2012, 9:24am says:

The changes are subtle but really make a huge difference.
I especially love the female version.
So much emotion, in so few pixels.

+2 votes   article: Ruins of Rydos - Pixel Art Evolution
Theon Oct 17 2012, 5:10am says:

It looks extremely fun...except for the MMO-part.
Which I still don't understand how works.

+1 vote   article: Dawn of Fantasy Released on Desura
Theon Oct 17 2012, 4:56am says:

Which just goes to show that people ought to stop buying console games, so they'll all be forced to release on PC.

+2 votes   article: La-Mulana Released on Desura
Theon Oct 14 2012, 7:38am says:

"So, do you need a keyboard to play this game?"
Oh my, I laughed.
And then she started nagging about iPad...
Who are these terrible people?

Game looks wonderful, though.
Rooting for ya'.

+3 votes   article: Talks and the like. Anodyne News, 10-13-12
Theon Oct 14 2012, 2:33am says:

Looks sweet!
Keep up the good work!

+3 votes   article: Next-Gen Minecraftian Gameplay
Theon Oct 10 2012, 6:29am says:

Looks beautiful as no tomorrow!
And I love metroidvanias.
I hope you won't make it a puzzle-platformer, though...with the co-op and all :/

+2 votes   article: What Is This?
Theon Oct 8 2012, 6:18am says:


That is all.

+1 vote   article: Polyroll has been released!
Theon Oct 8 2012, 6:14am says:

Wow, this looks tight as hell!
Now add splitscreen multiplayer, and it will be glorious!
(Try the free game Anamaton, if you're not convinced; )

+1 vote   article: Nightmerica Devlog: 8/10/12
Theon Oct 8 2012, 6:07am says:

The production value looks pretty good, but the story concept sounds like absolute ****.

+8 votes   article: Cold War for Linux Released on Desura
Theon Oct 5 2012, 7:23am says:

Looks cool as dicks.

+3 votes   article: Triptych Trailer, Media, and News
Theon Oct 1 2012, 6:27am says:

I like it.
I like it a lot.

+2 votes   article: Path to the Sky new Music & Art
Theon Sep 28 2012, 10:04am says:

Why the Capcom logo?
If you're really funded by Capcom, you've got nothing to do on this site.

+1 vote   article: eXceed - Gun Bullet Children Released on Desura
Theon Sep 28 2012, 9:48am says:

I ******* love the tiles.
Keep up the good work.

+1 vote   article: Anodyne's on Desura! (Also news 9/27/12)
Theon Sep 26 2012, 6:14am says:

Sounds like an awesome idea, but why ***** out to charity?
That just seems like a silly and slimey way to promote your stuff.
Can't you just release a free game and let people donate to the charities they choose themselves? (The front page here doesn't even state to what charity the money goes...)

Sorry if I come off as a **** here, but I find most charity organizations a little suspect in general.

+3 votes   article: Story Design and Loading/Saving
Theon Sep 26 2012, 5:58am says:

Looks like it could be pretty fun, but it could benefit from some actual artwork (not talking about high-poly meshes or anything, just a little more pleasing aestethics - Super Mario 64 manages to look very pleasing to the eye with similar graphical limitations).
I really like the concept of random generation, but it's hard to pull off a balanced and not-too-repeating gameplay progression with it. Also, it looks like the game concists of many small rooms, with little verticality, which certainly is fine (by all means), but could get boring rather quickly (if there is little enemy-variety, and the AI is simple, it would feel like a longs string of arena fights against predictable enemies).

I'm sorry, I'm spouting text here instead of doing my homework, but I just really want to express that I see some excellent potential here, and I hope you really manage to pull it off!

+1 vote   article: Gentrieve 2 Released on Desura
Theon Sep 22 2012, 7:37pm says:

Still looks very promising, but there's still no such thing as a "pre-alpha".

+1 vote   article: Eris Pre-Alpha Preview 14
Theon Sep 22 2012, 7:33pm replied:

You can't be "depressed on" anything.
Learn 2 English.

+1 vote   article: Chivalry: Medieval Warfare - Release Date Trailer + Preorder now!
Theon Sep 17 2012, 3:43am says:

I haven't got the faintest clue as to what I'm looking at, but it looks ******* amazing!

+2 votes   article: Lemma Release 2
Theon Sep 8 2012, 10:11am says:

Looks like it's running in 8fps in the video...

+2 votes   article: eXceed 3rd - Jade Penetrate Black Package Released on Desura
Theon Sep 6 2012, 6:49pm says:

Wow, this looks like it could be fu-
>iPad, iPhone

+3 votes   article: Shardlands
Theon Aug 24 2012, 7:20am says:

Looks absolutely beautiful!
Reminds me of Link's Awakening, and I hope this'll turn out a grand exploration experience in a similar manner :D

+2 votes   article: Anodyne News: 8-23-12
Theon Aug 17 2012, 7:50pm says:

This thing looks amazing.

+1 vote   article: "A Nation of Wind" Beta 1.5 available for free on Desura!
Theon Jul 26 2012, 3:46pm says:

Is there ever going to be an update with any of the promised stuff in it?
You know, real NPC villages and all that. Goblin warfare and stuff...
HAve been waiting for quite a while now.

Appreciate the small things, too, though...

+7 votes   article: Minecraft Snapshot 12w30e
Theon Jul 24 2012, 12:06pm says:


I remember an old Oblivion mod that let me travel around as a naked NPC visible to others online, but it never got further.
I ******* love you guys if you actually pull this off.

+1 vote   article: Vaultmp updates straight from the source! New vegas
Theon Jul 19 2012, 5:01am says:

Number 3 has the most character, in my opinion. Names are difficult, though.

+2 votes   article: Who will be the heroine of Space Disorder? Vote now!
Theon Jul 8 2012, 1:30pm says:

Action Fist and Neverball are pretty awesome games, but why would I want to give you money so you can give it to charity?
If I want to support a charity I'd give my money directly.

Had the money gone to such marvellous people as Teknopants, who spend so much time and effort on making completely free games (often with hotseat multiplayer, something very rare on the PC), I would gladly pay up.

+1 vote   article: Recession Bundle Launches!
Theon Jul 1 2012, 7:55am replied:

Beyond Good & Evil reference? On my ModDb? :O

+3 votes   article: The Summer Bundle
Theon Jun 28 2012, 9:19am says:

So, what you're saying is...
That you plan on demanding money for that thing??
Haha, oh, wow.

+2 votes   article: Free Game Giveaway!
Theon Jun 22 2012, 6:47am says:

The pixelwork is amazing!

+1 vote   article: Prelude Story is coming!
Theon Jun 13 2012, 10:00am says:

Felt like a mashup between Wario Land 4 and Keyboard Drumset ******* Werewolf.
Which is a good thing.

+2 votes   article: Tiny & Big music video "Little Pretty Thing"
Theon Jun 5 2012, 7:15am says:


+2 votes   article: Instruction Booklet Is Finished!
Theon May 20 2012, 5:23pm says:

Looks very cool, but with free games like Anamaton, Super Mario War, 0space, Gang Garrison and Masjin out there, this seems very over-priced, in my opinion.
Good luck, though.

+4 votes   article: Kill Fun Yeah Released on Desura
Theon Apr 27 2012, 10:28pm says:

I usually prefer 2D over 2.5D, but this it's done RIGHT for once :D
I'm intrigued.

+1 vote   article: Megabyte Punch Demo Available!
Theon Apr 22 2012, 12:44pm says:

I love the way you implement the physics of the game in actual gameplay (other than just stacking and knocking over boxes)!
That said, I really find the graphics of Under The Garden much more appealing.
Not to say this looks bad, but the original game looks absolutely amazing.

+1 vote   article: Under the Ocean - Devlog 2
Theon Apr 22 2012, 12:36pm replied:


+2 votes   article: Extermination - one of the new levels in Alien Arena: Reloaded.
Theon Apr 9 2012, 3:48pm says:

You are 4 days late.

+1 vote   article: RE: Get To Schol On Time Released on Desura
Theon Mar 26 2012, 3:27am says:

Amazing! Where do I throw my money?

+4 votes   article: Fort Wars Design Video
Theon Mar 26 2012, 3:17am says:

"Zero-K is a FREE, multi-platform, open source Real Time Strategy game, which aims to be a dynamic, action-packed, hassle-free experience, full of clever strategies and constantly moving combat. Includes an epic scale, realistic projectile and unit physics, terraforming terrain and hundreds of unique and interesting units."
Wait, waa- :O
Why have I never heard of this!?
>Released Dec 20, 2010

+1 vote   article: Zero-K v1.0.3.9
Theon Mar 19 2012, 6:39pm says:

Dem touchphonegames, man. Just let them die already.

+8 votes   article: The Humble Bundle for Android 2!
Theon Mar 11 2012, 3:54pm says:

That's darn impressive, man.

+3 votes   article: OpenELEC for Raspberry Pi AKA $25 HTPC
Theon Mar 7 2012, 5:53pm replied:

Dem graphics are amazing.

+1 vote   article: New gameplay footage, but a building populant dilemma ...
Theon Mar 6 2012, 5:44am says:

This looks astonishing!:D

I'd vastly prefer a first-person view, though.

+3 votes   article: Announcing StarForge With A Video
Theon Feb 21 2012, 6:07am says:

Looks fun as hell.

What's wrong with the sound?

+2 votes   article: New Devlog Video! Better Art! Ions!
Theon Feb 17 2012, 7:43am says:

Looks SWEET! :D

+1 vote   article: Second generation 3D engine
Theon Feb 16 2012, 4:19pm replied:

I am the greatest!

+2 votes   article: NMRiH Survival Mode and 1.03 Trailer
Theon Feb 16 2012, 4:17pm says:

So beautiful. Oh my.

+1 vote   article: Flying Cafe announces Cradle project.
Theon Feb 13 2012, 12:50pm says:


+1 vote   article: Release Date Confirmed
Theon Jan 31 2012, 3:02am says:

Colour me impressed :]

+2 votes   article: Demo 0.8 Coming out this Tuesday.
Theon Jan 19 2012, 10:13am says:

Some sweet tunes you got there! I love the depth of the bass, and the classic piano on top :D

+2 votes   article: Music Teaser
Theon Jan 10 2012, 8:05am says:

Very inspiring! :D
I grew up in the 90's, but I still have fond memories of these things.

+2 votes   article: Monkey Labour, handheld LCD game now on PC
Theon Dec 4 2011, 9:44am says:

The gameplay looks like it could be very fun, but I really can't stand the graphics... Might just be my personal opinion, though.

I'd love to see texturemods prettify this thing.

+1 vote   article: AVWW: IOTY Voting, Multiplayer Public Alpha, and MineCon Trailer
Theon Dec 3 2011, 8:39am says:

Holy shiat, that's beautiful.

+1 vote   article: Weather conditions in Cross of the Dutchman
Theon Dec 1 2011, 11:24am says:

What's the point of voting?
We all know The Stanley parable is MOTY.

Oh, wait; this is the IndieDB competition?
Nevermind then, good luck ^^

0 votes   article: 2011, a Year in Review
Theon Nov 22 2011, 3:32am says:

Looks fun! :D

+1 vote   article: Animation system
Theon Nov 22 2011, 3:27am says:

Looking like it could become a really fun metroidvania :D
But flixel...? Meaning it'll be a browser game? :/

+1 vote   article: Witch Game is it?
Theon Nov 6 2011, 6:47pm says:

Seems a tad pricey for alphafunding, imo.

+9 votes   article: Xenonauts Alpha Funding on Desura!
Theon Nov 1 2011, 5:05am says:

This could actually be ******* fantastic.
Would love to see the ability to place blocks, too, for buildings and stuff.

+1 vote   article: Havenforge ("Realistic" Minecraft + More) Alpha 2 Released
Theon Nov 1 2011, 5:01am says:

Sweet heavens, dat drill :O

+1 vote   article: Mineshaft Reveal
Theon Oct 25 2011, 5:42am says:

I've said it before, and I say it again:
Lose the filthy white borders. Everything else looks fine.

+1 vote   article: You Have No Chance to Survive Make Your Time!
Theon Oct 24 2011, 5:43am says:

Looks sweet! :O

+1 vote   article: Project Black Sun released on Desura!
Theon Oct 22 2011, 5:12am says:

Looking forward to this!! :D

+1 vote   article: The Archer - Devlog Video 4
Theon Oct 11 2011, 3:38am says:

I saw this on Tigsource some time ago, and I must say I feel the same way when I see it again here...;
Why waste such beautiful tiles on a tower defence-game? I can imagine how awesome an action RPG this could have been :(

+2 votes   article: Playable demo released!
Theon Oct 10 2011, 3:45am says:

Looks beautiful; downloading :D

...Wait. It's not on Desura.

+1 vote   article: First step !
Theon Oct 10 2011, 3:43am says:

Wow, thanks for the free game :D
I might purchase it for a friend, if it's fun ;]

+1 vote   article: Second Beta
Theon Oct 9 2011, 9:01am says:

Looks promising! :D

+2 votes   article: Mysterious World Generation
Theon Oct 5 2011, 5:55am says:

Please lose the white outlines, and good luck :]

+1 vote   article: Weapons, Items, and a Pink Cat with Manliness Issues
Theon Oct 4 2011, 3:38am says:

The music is gorgeous..., but what on earth is this game?

+2 votes   media: ScrumbleShip Placement Demo
Theon Sep 30 2011, 3:40am says:

Wow, I didn't know you'd released anything but screenshots/mockups!
This looks ******* fantastic! :D

+1 vote   media: The Archer - Devlog 1
Theon Sep 27 2011, 4:30am replied:

South park? What has that got to do with anything?

And holy ****, this looks nice. Except for the combat. But, oh, hell; it's cheap as dirt, so why not?

+4 votes   article: Cthulhu Saves the World on Desura!
Theon Sep 26 2011, 3:53am replied:

Did you see that video?
Now shut the **** up.

+2 votes   article: Quake III Arena mods & Excessive+ on Desura
Theon Sep 26 2011, 3:51am says:

Ooh, pretty! :D

+2 votes   article: The Molecats are back!
Theon Sep 26 2011, 3:49am replied:

Except for the typo...

+2 votes   article: Survivors of Ragnarök - A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far, Far Away...
Theon Sep 21 2011, 6:00am says:

Yes, question:

+1 vote   article: First gameplay video
Theon Sep 17 2011, 7:29am says:

Congrats! :D

+4 votes   article: Silas Released! Play it today.
Theon Sep 17 2011, 7:17am says:

Sweet! The world need more blocks! :D

+1 vote   article: DirtCraft 3D - 2.2.6 (Alpha)
Theon Sep 15 2011, 5:00pm replied:

"You honor me sir.
I did that!"
I had all my credit cards in my hands.

Oh, well; I just think it looks really purty ;] Good job!

+2 votes   article: Social Networks~!
Theon Sep 15 2011, 9:23am says:

Switch the entire game to the graphical style of that video and I will buy it ALL.

+2 votes   article: Social Networks~!
Theon Sep 14 2011, 5:55pm replied:

Nope. For some reason, that game never caught my interest.
Try and convince me, though, and I might give it a chance :]

+4 votes   article: Alphafunding for Indie Games
Theon Sep 14 2011, 5:45pm replied:

I'm sorry; I didn't mean to say that your game looked "bad" in any way! The gameplay looks very fanciful, and I would like to try it out for my self. I'm just disappointed that it's not a metroidvania, because I always get a metroidvania-vibe looking at your marvellous artwork :3

+1 vote   article: Distributors on Board!
Theon Sep 14 2011, 5:31am says:

Every time I see this, I can't help but think of what a waste it is. All those beautiful tiles and sprites, and all spent on a block-pushing puzzle game...
Just imagine how fantastic this could have been as a metroidvania/action platformer D:

0 votes   article: Distributors on Board!
Theon Sep 14 2011, 4:22am says:

I have supported Minecraft, Overgrowth, Caster, Silas, Survivors of Ragnarok and Crystal Catacombs, and NO REGRETS so far :D

+21 votes   article: Alphafunding for Indie Games
Theon Sep 13 2011, 4:13am says:

I love the tentacle :D

+1 vote   article: Survivors of Ragnarök - When In Rome
Theon Sep 10 2011, 6:19am says:

Well, your video-editing skills are evidentally good, but I don't feel like I got to see much of the actual mod...?
Looks promising, though. Keep up the good work ;]

+1 vote   article: Bloodpact releases alpha build of Darkshines for Oblivion
Theon Sep 8 2011, 4:48pm says:

The artwork looks great, but please lose the outlines!

+2 votes   article: ELFSQUAD7 Cometh!
Theon Sep 8 2011, 3:35am says:

Fancy stuff.

+3 votes   article: Fun with our "transition shader"
Theon Sep 5 2011, 3:51pm says:

What is this, why does it look so awesome, and why haven't I ever heard of it before?

+2 votes   article: Project Stormos Level Editor part II
Theon Aug 27 2011, 11:02am says:

The story and cinematics seem interesting, but the gameplay looks pretty bad, imo.

+1 vote   article: Fish Fillets 2 on Desura!
Theon Aug 13 2011, 10:34am says:

Looks purty.
I'm interested!

+1 vote   article: Dead Cyborg - Launch trailer
Theon Aug 13 2011, 10:20am says:

Looks pretty, and the concept is really interesting, but the price is way to steep for an unfinished game.

+1 vote   article: Kickstarter!
Theon Aug 11 2011, 7:07pm says:

I love this game already :D
Make me proud!

+2 votes   article: What we'll bring to Gamescom Part I
Theon Aug 8 2011, 6:17am says:

Looks great! :D

+2 votes   article: Evil Map Pack coming to the final version (PC, PS3)
Theon Jul 30 2011, 8:41am says:

Why are you so awesome?
I already loved this game.

+3 votes   article: Invaders: Corruption 1.2.3 Released - The MEGA Update
Theon Jul 8 2011, 6:14am replied:

I know, I got it! :D
Okay, I might watch that.

+1 vote   article: Sanctum just got a BIG update!
Theon Jul 6 2011, 9:25pm says:

Steam Daily Sale soon, please? ^^;

+3 votes   article: Sanctum just got a BIG update!
Theon Jul 4 2011, 11:10am says:


0 votes   article: Starting develop
Theon Jun 21 2011, 7:05am says:

It looks so pretty I wish it was a proper platformer rather than a puzzle game... :(

Good luck, though.

+3 votes   article: Wyv and Keep Preview Download!
Theon Jun 14 2011, 3:41pm says:

Video doesn't load for me...

0 votes   article: Far Cry 2010 Mod V0.15.59 Level Training Final
Theon Jun 10 2011, 10:28am says:

I have a physical deck of these cards. Released by...Nintendo. I kid you not.

+1 vote   article: Hanafuda: Koi Koi nears release!
Theon Jun 6 2011, 2:00am says:

Looks nice, but it could benefit from being a bit faster ;]

+2 votes   article: Update #2
Theon Jun 6 2011, 1:57am says:

Looks sweet, and I love the concept.
Keep at it! :D

+1 vote   article: You are here
Theon May 23 2011, 1:48am says:

Wow, the graphics are actually rather splendid.
The explosion "clouds" look kind of bad, though...

+2 votes   media: SickBrick - Weapon Showoff
Theon May 23 2011, 1:45am says:

Hm. I definetly like the humour.
Will await more awesomeness.

+1 vote   article: INCURSION Pre-Alpha Gameplay
Theon May 22 2011, 7:07am says:

It looks purty, but, I don't know..., slow?
Definetly needs more speed before it will be any fun to play. Platforming is all about precision, and when there's no haste there is no real challenge.
I'm not saying it has to be Super Meat Boy, or even Super Mario, but as it is it looks tedious.

Good luck!

+1 vote   article: Gameplay video from Episode 2
Theon May 4 2011, 11:25am says:

Love this mod. Glad to see that you guys are still going strong.

Heard some rumours that you were working on multiplayer for Just Cause 2, though; what happened to that? :D

+3 votes   article: News round-up - Spring Edition
Theon May 3 2011, 2:01am says:

The video seems to be down :/

+1 vote   article: New Overgrowth a129 video devlog
Theon Apr 26 2011, 12:35pm replied:

"It’s possible we might have a mod marketplace for selling and buying mods that fans have written(...)"

0 votes   article: Minecraft's Plan for mods and api
Theon Apr 13 2011, 3:24am says:

Kudos :D

+1 vote   article: ORION Spreads Her Legs
Theon Apr 13 2011, 3:11am says:

A good reason to finally try this game (it has been collecting dust in my Steam library for quite some time now) ^-^

+1 vote   article: Portal Infested Killing Floor Update!
Theon Apr 10 2011, 12:02pm says:

Um, I already own the retail version of Shadowgrounds: Survivor; Is it possible to register it on Desura now?

+2 votes   article: Shadowgrounds Now on Desura
Theon Apr 7 2011, 6:58am replied:

I just find it a bit strange that it is listed as the engine :p
While I find Platinum sandbo blahblah game something something quite nice, I get the feeling that they don't really credit the awesome guy who made the engine they are using.

+1 vote   article: Nation One: ORKMOTH (part one)
Theon Apr 5 2011, 5:33am says:

The engine is Cube 2.
"Platinum Arts Sandbox Free 3D Game Maker" is just an editor.

Just sayan.

Good luck with the game. I will be following the development :]

+1 vote   article: Nation One: ORKMOTH (part one)
Theon Mar 26 2011, 6:01am says:

Interesting game mechanic...

+2 votes   article: Io - first showcase
Theon Mar 16 2011, 1:12pm says:

Looks purty.
I spot some inspiration from SC and WC there ;)

Think I'll give this one a try.

+1 vote   media: The Cursed Promo Video
Theon Feb 23 2011, 5:46am replied:

Yeah, um, what do they even do?
That video didn't help much :(

0 votes   article: Server downtime, a new Launcher and Minecraft Beta 1.3
Theon Feb 21 2011, 5:57am says:

Why have I never heard of this? :O
Looks pretty darn sweet.

+2 votes   game: Ex Vitro
Theon Feb 20 2011, 5:00pm says:

Sweet :]

+1 vote   article: VLM V1.2 [BETA3] - Now Available!
Theon Feb 15 2011, 12:23pm says:

Looks cool :]

+1 vote   article: DungeonQuest: Builds and Bugs Always Go Together
Theon Feb 11 2011, 11:07am says:

Weeeha! :D

+2 votes   article: WGR1 - WGR2 conversion.
Theon Feb 10 2011, 11:28am says:

OH! This is what I wanted UT3 to be! :D

+1 vote   article: Huge news update! (Warning: Mild nudity)
Theon Feb 10 2011, 11:24am replied:

Your comment has convinced me to download this game.

Though, I've got to say I really hate the art resolution mix-up.
Everything looks so purty, and then, suddenly: HUD is fugly.

+1 vote   article: Through v1.3 Released
Theon Feb 9 2011, 11:43am says:

Hm. Purty.
Too bad that mods on this scale tend to **** **** up with extreme amounts of bugs and extreme lack in anything to do :/

Will keep an eye on this.

0 votes   article: Beta Testing Proceeding
Theon Jan 10 2011, 5:30pm replied:

I've paid for Silas, Overgrowth, Minecraft, Miner Wars and Cortex Command from alpha.

It's not greedy to not want to pay to test an alpha for bugs, without getting the final product; or for a product that requires monthly injections of your money.

+5 votes   article: Link-Dead build 1919 released
Theon Jan 10 2011, 4:55pm says:

So, is still just a beta you have to pay for (without getting the full version)?
Also, are you still planning on having a subscription fee for the final release?

If you can answer 'yes' to any of the above, then no thanks.

+1 vote   article: Link-Dead build 1919 released
Theon Jan 4 2011, 2:54pm buried:


Please make a Minecraft clone. NOW.

-5 votes   article: Version 1.0.3 Released!
Theon Jan 2 2011, 8:50am replied:

ofc -.-

+1 vote   media: MWLL Custom Particle Testing - Particle Density
Theon Dec 24 2010, 7:45am replied:

You have no idea what you're talking about.
Overgrowth may not have won the popular vote, but it's going to be the best indie game and engine. There is no question about it.

+1 vote   article: Players Choice - Upcoming Indie
Theon Dec 24 2010, 7:40am says:

Oh no, you accidentally all the dinosaurs!

+1 vote   article: Dino Legs 1.5 is out!
Theon Dec 19 2010, 9:49am says:

Never played Netstorm, but this looks sweet! :D
Looking forward to a playable build!

+1 vote   article: Season Greetings from the RS team
Theon Dec 15 2010, 7:07am says:

I LOVE the artwork! :O

+2 votes   article: Comatose
Theon Dec 12 2010, 5:17pm says:

10$, huh...
Not too pricey, but I'll await the situation for now.

Good luck; I hope your game will be awesome in the end!

+1 vote   article: Assault Knights Preorders Now Available
Theon Nov 28 2010, 11:12am replied:

I completely agree. Also, though this animation looks really good, I prefer the Starcraft version where you see more clearly what unit is being targeted...

I can't wait for this mod to be released!
Voted! ;D

+2 votes   article: Video: Spine Crawler vs Head Hunters
Theon Nov 25 2010, 5:56am replied:

Me too :D

+3 votes   article: Survivors of Ragnarök - Building a Tower
Theon Nov 23 2010, 11:34am says:

You won't get my vote for ONE scrrengrab of a 3D model. Sorry :p
Looks nice, though. Good luck!

+3 votes   article: IGOTY and new media!
Theon Nov 23 2010, 11:30am says:

Wo! Think I might have to load up my good ol' Morrowind disc! :D

+2 votes   article: Welcome to Morrowind Rebirth!
Theon Nov 9 2010, 1:22pm replied:

Yesh, light/shadow effects look amazing, but the flameparticles..., well.

+6 votes   article: Power Nodes
Theon Oct 8 2010, 6:28pm replied:

WTF?? Half Life 2 is a "let-down"!?
You're ******* sick!D:

+21 votes   article: Final Project released !
Theon Aug 30 2010, 5:03am replied:

I'll give it a go when I get home :)

+1 vote   article: Update # 40
Theon Aug 28 2010, 12:20pm replied:

You never play seriously in windowed mode... Unless it's some TBS or puzzle-game which doesn't require reaction skills or precision.

I understand playing in windowed mode when you're editing game files and watching changes on the run, but otherwise it just hampers gaming experience (precision, perception, etc.).

+8 votes   poll: How do you set your resolution for PC gaming?
Theon Aug 18 2010, 4:15am says:

"finally reviled" XD

To assail with abusive language; vituperate. See Synonyms at scold.

To use abusive language.

+2 votes   article: Bounce! Released
Theon Aug 8 2010, 10:51am says:

Dude. It seems you have worked a lot on this, but you really should give some cred to Sauerbraten/Cube 2.

+1 vote   article: Platinum Arts Sandbox Free 3D Game Maker RPG Cutscene Creator!
Theon Aug 8 2010, 10:49am says:

Looks like this could be fun in multiplayer:D

0 votes   article: Warp Speed: Second alpha and new video!
Theon Jul 11 2010, 6:00am says:

Beautiful :D

+2 votes   article: A taste of what's to come
Theon Jul 8 2010, 12:52pm replied:

Yes, do implement it.

+1 vote   article: Warp Speed progress update
Theon Jul 7 2010, 9:36am says:

I guess that'll be a tad bit difficult to port to a game engine...
Looks pretty, though.

+1 vote   article: Arena video
Theon Jun 19 2010, 5:41pm says:


+1 vote   article: The Big News Pack 2/6
Theon May 10 2010, 5:33am says:


+4 votes   article: Orion - Beta 1.2 - Week of Media
Theon Oct 30 2009, 1:32pm says:


+1 vote   media: Star Sentinel Tactics Trailer
Theon Oct 30 2009, 11:58am replied:

Yeah, Kinda wondering about the same thing... :S

+1 vote   media: Ingame Trailer
Theon Jul 27 2009, 1:15pm says:


+1 vote   article: UT3 Invasion Revision 335 Released
Theon Jul 27 2009, 12:47pm replied:

This surely must be the best thing to ever happen.

+1 vote   article: Clock Town WIP Media
Theon Mar 30 2008, 10:46pm says:

The story is really awesome, however I doubt this mod will ever come to life. You should never post a new mod unless you have at least some models to show for it.

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