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Theon May 30 2015 says:

>Norwegian lore and monsters
That is literally what the state will fund you to make.

"Søknaden må gjelde et kulturprodukt. En audiovisuell produksjon er et kulturprodukt når det oppfyller minst tre av følgende kriterier:

Manuskript eller litterært forelegg er originalskrevet på norsk eller samisk.
Hovedtemaet er knyttet til norsk historie, kultur eller samfunnsforhold.
Handlingen utspiller seg i Norge, et annet EØS-land eller Sveits.
Verket har vesentlig bidrag fra opphavsmenn eller utøvende kunstnere bosatt i Norge, et annet EØS-land eller Sveits."

Also, I'd wait with making a Kickstarter until you actually have something to show for. Few will fund a talking face.

+1 vote   news: Through the Woods Kickstarter Video Update 2
Theon Apr 20 2015 says:

>not indie
>not a mod
>not moddable

All I want to know is why this game is on ModDB.

0 votes   news: Everything you need to know about STW:BF
Theon Nov 10 2014 says:

Amazing news!

+2 votes   news: Daggerfall Tools for Unity - Time & Space and More
Theon Oct 14 2014 says:

Love both how it looks and how it sounds!

+3 votes   news: Introducing Red:OuT, a spiritual sequel to F-Zero
Theon Oct 14 2014 says:

Looks wondeful.

+1 vote   media: Ratz Instagib 2.0 Teaser 1
Theon Oct 7 2014 replied:

Then I'll be looking forward to that, Thomas.

+2 votes   news: Greenlight, Optimizations, Kickstarter Prep
Theon Oct 7 2014 says:

Absolutely love the colours and low-poly aesthetics!

+2 votes   news: Early Access and future plans
Theon Oct 7 2014 replied:

Fez, Braid and Limbo?

I'll totally buy your game when you come to your senses and make an action platformer out of these wonderful assets.
The music is also absolutely fantastic(!)

+1 vote   news: Greenlight, Optimizations, Kickstarter Prep
Theon Oct 6 2014 says:

Wow, this is some quality art-work!

Too bad you're wasting it on a puzzle game - No one ever liked puzzle platformers, friends.

+1 vote   news: Greenlight, Optimizations, Kickstarter Prep
Theon Sep 13 2014 says:

It's hard to judge by the footage, but the combat looks like it really needs some work. It looks very static.

That said, the visuals are impeckable. Absolutely stunning.

+1 vote   news: “The Tale of Three” on Indiegogo!
Theon Sep 2 2014 says:

Looks great! Thanks a lot for the hard work!

+4 votes   news: Update 05 Lotfe is released and it's downloadable!
Theon Aug 28 2014 replied:

That video manages to give me Spyro and Banjo vibes at the same time, so you're definetly doing something right there!
Keep up the good work!

+1 vote   news: 3D Platforming in the Icy Prehistoric Era
Theon Jul 6 2014 replied:

No, he's right.
The music and the graphics are so ******* amazingly well done, and it's sad to see it all be put together to what amounts to little more than CS with a CTF mode.
Whenever I see the first trailer, I always find myself imagining what great things that world could have been used for.

I hope the talented people behind this mod at some point realize what huge potential they sit on, and make a game worthy of it.

+15 votes   news: NEOTOKYO on Steam
Theon Jun 28 2014 says:

This might not be what you're looking for, but I have an idea for "nerfing" the teleporter, without making it any less powerful:

What if you have have the teleporting projectile's hitbox transfer damage x2 to the player who shot it?
The hitbox is smaller than a normal player hitbox, so it should be hard to hit, but if you get a perfectly aimed railshot at it, you might instantly kill your opponent.
The teleporter still remains as versatile as ever, but if used unskillfully, might be you your doom?

As always, I love what I'm seeing. So wonderful to finally have the arena FPS genre being worked at again!

+1 vote   news: Telos Development Video Update 005 - Stabbing, Exploding, and Teleporting
Theon Jun 25 2014 says:

The attack animations have no impact at all. You need to make the interpolation a curve with a "bounce" or something to make it look like there's weight behind the attack.

Other than that it looks interesting.
Keep up the good work.

+1 vote   news: GIFs, Idle animations, new levels and improvements!
Theon Jun 14 2014 says:

Got to love the weapon designs!

Theon Jun 8 2014 says:

That is some amazing music.

+2 votes   news: News Update #45: Operation Tonga (D-Day Part 3/3)
Theon Jun 2 2014 says:

Looks pretty cool, but it would instantly be thrice as good with a first persion viewport.

+1 vote   news: Blood & Mana - Looking For Beta Testers
Theon Jun 1 2014 replied:

And copying is copying. What's your point?
It's not like the people who made Quake are the ones getting your money anyway.

+4 votes   news: Metal Monstrosity
Theon May 31 2014 says:

Dang, this looks amazing!

Can we disable profiling, though? I hate having my stats be stored and publically available - It just makes every match seem "important", and it leaves too little room for casual play.

+1 vote   news: Intruder Tactics Breakdown 001: Distraction
Theon May 30 2014 says:

Reminds me a little of Worlds (, which I think is amazing, so that's all good.

Good luck!

+3 votes   news: Hi ! Nice to meet you !
Theon May 30 2014 says:

Ai ai ai ai ai boff

Looks pretty neat - except for the mother, who looks very out of place, and kind of ruins the atmosphere.

+2 votes   news: Among the Sleep Released!
Theon May 29 2014 buried:


Or, you know, just head on over to Piratebay.
It's not like id does anything good with the money they get these days, anyway.
Also, it's only like 32MB or something.

-15 votes   news: Metal Monstrosity
Theon May 29 2014 says:

Looking neat!
The perspective reminds me of Boktai.

+3 votes   news: Claiming Xodius - Early Release
Theon May 28 2014 says:

So, is this a new Quake map? Why is it posted under general news for Quake?
I'm confused, but it looks neat.

+1 vote   news: Metal Monstrosity
Theon May 24 2014 says:

Oh man, looks cool.

+3 votes   news: Legacy - The Vertical Slice
Theon May 9 2014 says:

That looks insanely cool.

+1 vote   news: Insanity's Blade Gameplay Trailer Launched!
Theon May 9 2014 says:

Oh man, it looks just as fun as I imagined it!

I hope you add some hitscan weapons as well, though.

+1 vote   news: Telos Development Video Update 003 - First Weapon!
Theon May 6 2014 says:

Always love to see new art by you. So clean and mysterious.
Keep up the good work!

+2 votes   news: Crafting Somewhere VIII
Theon May 5 2014 says:

I love the graphical style, but what the hell? Who in the world likes QTEs??

+1 vote   news: Chilie on Desura
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