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Missing Ultra Definition Packs

TheLastJedi Blog 0 comments

For those of you who have come to ask what happened to the two ultra definition packs, The links were taken down, And i don't have the copies, As for the original link to them, Megaupload was taken down by the supreme court,

For those of you who wish to find the packs, you can contact the maker of the packs here on moddb named R1chard, here is the link to his page:

Got my youtube channel up and running.

TheLastJedi Blog 0 comments

I have been thinking about making my own gaming videos, And i finally got off my ass and did it!

So if anyone is bored shitless, You can follow this link: To my youtube page,

Where i got a full playthrough of Return To Castle Wolfenstein, And some misc videos,

I might get to do some other playthroughs, So stay tuned.

P.S I would appreciate it if nobody trolls my videos because i still support black mesa, Or that i hate the l4d2 boycott.

Ultra Definition Packs

TheLastJedi Blog 4 comments

After the release of They Hunger Ultra Definition Pack, I have been thinking about releasing the other packs as well, But i never got around to do it

M4xf1v3 made the following:

Azure Sheep Ultra Definition Pack

Point Of View Ultra Definition Pack

If its ok with the modding community i would like to post the rest of the packs, Tell me your opinion in the comments section and let me know if its ok or not.

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