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0 comments by TheGuyInTheCorner on Nov 19th, 2011

Why is half life 2 they way it is? No ironsights or weapon upgrades, why not? Well if it wasnt for hl2 a lot of these mods wouldnt be here. So yes there are many problems or features i dont like but there are also many good things about it that have helped and added to the gaming community and im not sure if people will say things like "your so stupid you play half life 2 you need to grow up and play l4d" but if they do I would like to mention that hl2 and l4d are on they same engine so in a way they are very similar. I also would like to encourage people to buy it but there's all these flaws so im torn. The content is good but they game itself is decent in my mind. I'd say if you have time buy it and I would give hl2 a 6/10 based on the game 8/10 base on content.

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