Hi! You are reading the bio of the stranger who names himself 'The Coffee Guy'. I am a 16 year old programmer, designer and computer enthusiast with an avid love for video games. Not only playing video games, but making content for the community of gamers (be it videos or modifications) is something which makes me feel happy. I am about to move up into a full time programming course in college in the UK, and I hope to maximize my potential as a programmer, designer and student. I hope to make the most out of my youth and student years, and the way I hope to make the most out of it is by making people happy. And that shall happen through the internet.

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TheCoffeeGuy Sep 21 2014 replied:

This mod is still a work in progress, quest production and NPCs are still to be done.

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TheCoffeeGuy Jun 11 2014 replied:

Thanks for the feedback!

The mountain ranges are my next task, and I have been working on them over this time. I am making a huge mountain for the storyline and I am restructuring the mountains already in the mod to make it more vanilla-like (realistic). I'm also redoing the landscape, and since the island is almost like a 'rock', my desire is to make the terrain a little more uneven.

The blackreach mushrooms are becoming a problem, but sadly they play a huge part in the lore. The island's climate is almost like being in Blackreach cave, meaning that those mushrooms have been able to grow, so that can't really change. I've been thinking about using a modders resource which has untextured mushroom meshes. I could texture my own mushrooms and place them in the game, as they can have LODs generated for them, too. I'd make them a little more rare than the Blackreach flora. The Blackreach flora will also be retextured especially for Hjermskiir, anyway.

Custom textures, definitely. I've retextured a lot already, including some creatures, a snowy mammoth, a snowy giant, and my next task in that area is to add snow to the Whiterun architecture I used.

I agree about Falskaar. He went through a lot to make it, and it's hard for some people to understand the dedication it takes to make a mod of that size, but I agree, it was very true to the original Skyrim style. My goal is to make Hjermskiir very unique and interesting without stepping out of the lore.

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TheCoffeeGuy Jun 4 2014 replied:

My original plan was to keep this island free from dragons, but there may be exceptions in the main storyline.

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TheCoffeeGuy May 27 2014 replied:

This is extra content for Skyrim. It is an entire new island with an overall unique feel to it.

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