I began my career in game development rather humbly- I became engrossed with the WarCraft 2 Map Editor. When WarCraft 3 released, I quickly jumped into its World Editor, just screwing around mostly. Eventually, I created more serious maps, beginning with WarCraft Maul: Remade. It was a fairly simple endeavor which reconfigured the existing races and added new ones. I followed the first release up with three more, each adding more races and rebalancing existing races. Unfortunately, I did not protect any of these, and thus many new versions popped-up in my name which I did not create (anything above 1.3 is not mine). Nevertheless, I worked-on a Footmen Wars-like map, Balance Wars, and also made WinterMaul: Remade. Balance Wars was the best and most unique, imo. I then moved-on to lead the Great Troll War Mod and the Air Power Mod, which both ultimately faltered, but which have been succeeded by Wartide (formerly the SA Game). It is that project which now has my full attention.

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WIP Protectorate Soldier model (stage 1). The Protectorate Soldier serves as the Protectorate's base, versatile frontline troop. He wears armor heavy enough to keep him alive, but light enough to allow him good mobility, as well as the ability to utilize pieces of the environment (cover) as armor as opposed to simply relying on his own. The Soldier carries the CAR-16 (Coilstorm Assault Rifle) with coilstorm technology, granting him a high rate of fire, excellent stopping power, great accuracy, and good range. His CAR-16 also comes equipped with a concussion fragmentation grenade launcher for heavier targets or massed enemies. Thus, the Soldier can fight well in essentially all locations and can at least put up a fight against all targets, making him a formidable basic infantry troop. Model by shigee and concept by falcoknight

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