I have been a gamer for most of my life. Starting in the early days of consoles like the Intellivision and Colecovision, I have followed the advancement of games very closely to the modern era. Though I own the current generation of gaming consoles, I am a PC gamer at heart, with 3 steam accounts, one of which is now exceeding 800 games, most of which have been played and a good portion of which have been beaten.

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TatsuhoshiAkira Sep 27 2013 says:

So, an update. They did, finally give me my game, but not before charging me for the game a second time. I'll be disputing the charge with my bank.

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TatsuhoshiAkira Aug 21 2013 says:

Where do you want us to send feedback to on this game, as well as bug reports. A lot of people seem to be posting that here, but that's a little inefficient.

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TatsuhoshiAkira Aug 13 2013 replied:

That issue happens on a few other games, like Croixleur. If you launch the game from the actual executable, rather than the Desura shortcut/client, the changes made in the configuration tool should actually be kept. Something about how Desura launches games or creates their shortcuts. At any rate, changing it in the game is the easiest way.

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TatsuhoshiAkira Jul 30 2013 replied:

Thank you for responding to my blog and showing your support for my statement. It can be a little hard to get the games while they still have preorder bonsues and such, but I do my best to not impact my household's finances as much possible, thus why I've got 200 games on my wishlist, still. I'll get around to it eventually, and hopefully the economy will stabilize soon.

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TatsuhoshiAkira Feb 1 2013 replied:

No problem. I grew up an air force brat and have always been interested in aircraft, in particular. I hope you will continue to make improvements to the game. Good luck on your Steam Greenlight as well. Once more improvements and menu options are added, I'll make the purchase.

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TatsuhoshiAkira Aug 30 2012 says:

Something random people may be interested in. Dunno if it's legit or not, but I'll post it anyway. Free prizes of various types are available, supposedly. Epicfreeprizes.com

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