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Suvidriel Sep 17 2014, 1:43am replied:

The bandages and First Aid-skill were a feature in the previous version of the game. The currently running version replaced them with healing potions.

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Suvidriel Sep 4 2014, 12:59am replied:

Thanks! The next public alpha test is scheduled for January. The sign up-form and instructions etc will appear here on IndieDB nearer to the test date :)

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Suvidriel Sep 2 2014, 1:42am replied:

Mostly alone but there's also a 2d artist and several volunteers who have done voice acting, lore books, weapon designs etc throughout the years.

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Suvidriel Aug 29 2014, 11:39pm replied:

Actually, the game already has similar post processing shaders for handling tone-mapping, ssao etc.

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Suvidriel Aug 6 2014, 6:22am replied:

The Alpha was sadly just during the weekend (18th-20th of July). The next Alpha Test weekend will be held in January 2015.

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Suvidriel Jul 17 2014, 3:15am replied:

During the alpha you can just make a new account. The password recovery functionality hasn't been implemented yet :)

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Suvidriel Jul 7 2014, 1:39am replied:

Heh nice. I was actually thinking the exact same method similar to how phones implemented it in the past. Didn't know it was already used somewhere. Guess everything great has already been invented :D

Anyway the mode will definitely get implemented as optional choice to the keyboard as soon as I change how the scripts handle the joystick input. Whether the additional mode gets in before the next alpha or not remains to be seen though.

Thanks for the idea. I'll definitely look into that implementation.

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Suvidriel Jul 2 2014, 2:28pm replied:

Whenever the chat gets activated the keyboard will capture movement keys from gamepad and use them to move the selected letter instead of moving the character. So at least for now it's not possible to move and type at the same time.

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Suvidriel Jul 1 2014, 2:52pm replied:

The plan was that most factions will offer quests which reward faction reputation. Once player has enough reputation certain items such as this platemail will be available for purchase.

So I guess the order is a bit different :)

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Suvidriel Jun 29 2014, 3:14am replied:

It's general test since for now only the start region exists. Mostly to see how the action combat and network code perform with more than a few testers online etc.

Also to gather info on the first impressions and the difficulty of the start.

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Suvidriel Jun 28 2014, 3:46am replied:

Nope, the tests are open for everyone.

In fact the whole VR-mode is still really experimental and doesn't yet contain all the same functionality as the normal-mode. Even those with Oculus Rift will likely spend more time playing the game without the VR-mode.

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Suvidriel Jun 16 2014, 9:23am replied:

It'll be open for everyone just like the previous alpha weekends have been.

The sign up page will be put operational in the coming weeks once the weekend has been chosen for the test.

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Suvidriel Jun 2 2014, 1:37am replied:

You can turn certain post processing effects off - these include the dark outlines. However, you will not be able to turn off the cel shaded lighting on models.

The game is aiming for a cel shaded look so naturally it won't look "realistic" even when some effects are turned off.

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Suvidriel May 21 2014, 9:54am replied:

Yea, sadly there's still a long way to go. However, a longer alpha test may not be that far away.

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Suvidriel May 20 2014, 11:31pm replied:

This new version hasn't been released yet but we do organize public alpha tests few times a year - the next one around the end of July/August so stay tuned :)

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Suvidriel May 16 2014, 4:19pm replied:

All the sets will be added there in different tabs soonish. There will also be hotkeys for changing to different skill set whenever out of combat.

The idea is to make players choose skills necessary for their play style. This also adds nice variation within character classes - same character class may specialize in for example dps or tanking etc.

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Suvidriel May 12 2014, 1:32am replied:

So far we've organized public alpha test weekends around twice a year. The next alpha will probably be held at the end of July or during August.

Currently the date depends somewhat on the shipping schedule of Oculus Rift Devkit 2 since I was hoping on getting it supported for the alpha. But if there'll be delays then the test will be held during July without devkit 2 support.

The sign up for the alpha will be announced here once the date has been locked down :)

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Suvidriel Apr 29 2014, 10:54am replied:

Yea, it's the copper deposit model from the previous version of the game. Also in that picture it's floating a bit above the ground which needs to be fixed as well.

I think I'm going to redo it with something like a normal rock with some pieces of ore poking through.

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Suvidriel Apr 25 2014, 10:18am replied:

Hehe yea why not x) Have to think about that once the falling damage gets implemented someday :)

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Suvidriel Apr 25 2014, 9:56am replied:

It changes a bit depending on the skill. The cone in this picture is the one that shows after skill is started. Once the skill is fired then the cone will start to fill up for some casting and charging-type skills.

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Suvidriel Apr 25 2014, 9:52am replied:

Yea, they go to the cape-slot as well. Some wings, just like capes, can have stats too so I guess they won't be totally useless.

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Suvidriel Apr 16 2014, 9:36am replied:

They're called crafting skills in mmorpgs. Gekkeiju has always had a rather big crafting system available with all the usual fishing, blacksmithing, farming etc. This new version will get quite similar system as in the previous version but with several updates to add even more customization options.

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Suvidriel Apr 16 2014, 6:48am replied:

Watermills might be a bit tricky since they'd need to be in really specific places with rivers or such but we'll see. There's actually a watermill in one of the towns already but it's not owned by players.

The mills probably won't work for production but nothing stops player from putting a crafting workbench inside or outside the mill and craft farming stuff there :)

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Suvidriel Apr 9 2014, 11:30pm replied:

It actually does already but doesn't work with few of the hairstyles.

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Suvidriel Apr 8 2014, 12:42am replied:

The game is currently only for Windows since it's using DirectX. Anything else will have to be decided at later time.

For the Oculus-mode the game needs a gamepad which is easy enough to control without seeing anything.

In Gekkeiju we have several different skill types which work differently than in most mmorpgs. For example some skills charge while button is pressed while others start executing on press and finish on release. Voice commands wouldn't work too well here since you'd need 2 commands for each skill.

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Suvidriel Apr 4 2014, 2:18pm replied:

I'll likely add some windows there eventually :)

There'll be more info about the land lot and player housing system in the development update later this month but the plan is that the old Cart-system (market stalls that remain online while player is offline) will be combined with the player houses.

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Suvidriel Apr 2 2014, 11:22pm replied:

The weapon combination depends on the character class. Ronins can dual wield while for example crusaders use shields and steamgunners will have gunswords.

The Ronin skills also change depending on the wielded weapons. If the player dual wields then the skills will deal hits with both hands. The animation for single and dual wielding is currently the same though due to lack of time to do motion tracking.

There is also no "attack button" - the game uses a skill-based system similar to wildstar so there is no auto attack and all the attacks are skills.

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Suvidriel Apr 2 2014, 5:17am replied:

So far only Oculus support is in. Omni should work with all games so you may be able to use that as well.

VR works nicely for solo playing but in parties some roles, like healer, might be tricky. Definitely something that requires learning and getting used to.

Of course making a VRMMORPG is a bit tricky currently since there is no standardized control model like WoW yet so have to invent things on the way. It'll take several iterations to get things right.

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Suvidriel Apr 2 2014, 5:06am replied:

Yea, we have that already :)

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Suvidriel Apr 1 2014, 6:10am replied:

The animations are missing for now as explained in the video.

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